New Voli Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Voli - The Wall [Album]

Just shy of a year after dazzling listeners and critics alike with his self-titled debut set, multi-talented recording artist Voli has unleashed the much-anticipated follow-up. The Wall features 13 tracks' worth of fresh,... Read More


Voli - D.N.A. [Stream]

How did Voli become so adept at rocking mics and crafting genre-defying beats? Perhaps musical talent was simply written into his D.N.A. His latest single certainly sounds like the work of a naturally-gifted recording artist... Read More


Voli - Stop Me [Stream]

With his much-anticipated new album on the horizon, Voli is as anxious as his fans to see it on store shelves; at least, that’s what it seems like, judging by the pace at which he’s been dropping records. Hot on... Read More


The 1 Song You Need to Hear This Week: Voli’s “The Wander Years” [Feature ]

For those who may have missed last week, a quick reminder. We're making some changes at The DJBooth. Instead of five songs (and the occasional album), I'm narrowing this weekly column down to a... Read More


Voli ft. Ming - A Life Worth Killing [Stream]

Fresh off earning rave Booth reviews for Friday’s The Wander Years, Jersey phenom Voli is already back on our front page with another fresh single off his next indie full-length. Though A Life Worth Killing shares its... Read More


Voli - The Wander Years [Stream]

As you may have surmised from his past features, Voli prides himself on being different. Whether in life or in music, the Jersey-repping reader fave would rather stumble through the dark in search of his own path than bend to... Read More


Voli ft. Misun - Burn Everything [Stream]

You might want to don your flame-retardant headphones for this one. On his latest single, premiered last Friday via Spin, Voli announces his intent to “raise hell and Burn Everything.” And he’s not just blowing... Read More


Voli ft. Ronnie C - Ashes [Stream]

Most emcees, as they ascend to the upper echelons of the music game, take great pains to show that success hasn’t changed them. Jersey phenom Voli, on the other hand, freely admits he’s not the same man he was... Read More


Voli - 5AM [Stream & Download]

Here in The DJBooth, we rarely post freestyles over other artists’ hits. Exceptions can be made, however, for those who manage to elevate their rendition above a mere retread. How, you ask? Allow Voli to show you how... Read More


Voli x Chromatics - Lady [Stream]

Females seem to be at the forefront of Voli‘s mental lately. Granted, that statement could be applied to practically any straight man on a damn-near-constant basis, but the song releases leading up to the Jersey... Read More


Voli x Ming x Jai Paul - Don’t F**k With Me [Stream & Download]

On Take Care inclusion Dreams Money Can Buy, Drake held up the wealth he’d amassed in the game as evidence that, like Wu Tang, he wasn’t to be f**ked with. Voli may not be in possession of Drizzy-sized stacks just... Read More


Omen ft. Voli & Elite - Brooklyn Lager [Stream & Download]

Last we heard from Omen, it was November 2011 and the rapper/producer had joined forces with rap heavyweight J. Cole to share some parental wisdom on promo single Mama Told Me. Just over a year later, on a standout off his... Read More


Voli - All the Same [Stream]

When it comes to those who don’t adhere to the norm, people can be a little like seagulls. Whereas crabs in a bucket will at least wait for their peers to try and climb out before they pull the ambitious crustacean back... Read More


Voli x Gotye - State of the Art (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Whether due to the listening public’s love for Renaissance men, the cost-efficiency of having a performer wear multiple hats or some other factor beyond my ken, the industry seems to be trending heavily towards artists... Read More


Voli - Inferno [Stream & Download]

On New Jersey native Voli’s latest released record Inferno, the musician proclaims that he’s a unique blend of Kanye West, Sting, Bob Marley, Nas, Daft Punk and Big Pun. How about that for an amazingly rare... Read More


Voli - Villain [Stream]

True love can feel like a salvation, a cure for all that ills you. But a failed love? Failed love can feel like a Villian swept into your life and tore apart all your best plans. For his brand new video Jersey emcee/producer... Read More


Voli - Missing Sun [Stream]

While the sun may be missing for The DJBooth veteran Voli, it’s safe to say that it’s alive and well here on the East Coast. Sorry, it was hard to pass on a weather reference when a sunny, 90-degree day is your... Read More


Voli - Leap Year [Stream & Download]

If you’re graduating high school or college, or simply progressing into a new stage of life, this one’s for you. The latest release off the Jersey emcee, producer and singer’s forthcoming street album, Leap... Read More


Voli ft. J. Cole - Sound of Love [Stream & Download]

Romance is in the air, Booth readers—can you hear it? (If not, then hitting “play” might help.) The follow-up to late May’s Guns N Roses, a heartbroken jam which saw the rapper/producer welcoming rock elements... Read More


Voli ft. Bebe Rexha - Guns N Roses [Stream & Download]

In my never-humble opinion, Guns N Roses exemplify just about everything wrong with rock ‘n’ roll: screechy vocals, bad hair, ignorant lyrics, the works. (Take a listen to One in a Million if you don’t... Read More


Bebe Rexha ft. Voli - Ride Till You Die [Stream]

Bonnie and Clyde, Sid and Nancy… Bebe Rexha and Voli? On new single and Booth debut Ride Till You Die, the rising pop starlet invites the man she loves to accompany her on the crime spree of a lifetime, delivering her... Read More


Voli - Sweet Sixteen [Stream & Download]

Gallons of ink have been spilled about the often unsavory representations of women in rap music, and the discussion has been undeniably thought-provoking. Be that as it may, no amount of lucid argumentation can prepare one... Read More


Voli ft. Justin Baron - Gone for Good [Stream & Download]

Greatness goes hand in hand with sacrifice; in addition to giving up financial security and time with loved ones, artists on the rise are frequently forced to undergo significant personal changes on their way to the top. One... Read More


Voli - Stripes [Stream & Download]

Now that Voli‘s earned his Stripes, you’d better believe that he’s going to be soaring. With his Nouveau Classique movement preparing for takeoff, the Garden State representer (a freestyle series alumnus and... Read More


Voli - Blood Sweat & Tears [Stream & Download]

Voli may make crafting dope music look easy, but don’t get it twisted; his seemingly effortless freshness requires a constant supply of Blood Sweat & Tears. On this newly-released promo single, the Jersey... Read More


Voli - Righteous Remain [Video]

New Jersey representative Voli gives stand out single Righteous Remain a gripping visual counterpart. Produced by SMKA and off Voli’s The DJBooth-hosted album In the Meanwhile, available for free streaming and direct... Read More


Voli - Stress [Video]

Voli follows his DJBooth approved single Stress with some minimally powerful and personal visuals. For more from the New Jersey up-and-comer, be sure to check out his new album In the Meanwhile, available for free stream and... Read More


Voli Offers “In the Meanwhile” Street Album for Streaming/Download via [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Jersey representative Voli is offering up his latest street release, the In the Meanwhile mixtape, for streaming and download via Featuring 15 original records (and four bonus cuts) from the... Read More


Voli - In the Meanwhile (The Showcase) [Album]

Up-and-coming emcee/producer Voli has hooked up with to bring listeners his latest street release, the In the Meanwhile (The Showcase) mixtape. The project features 15 original records from the Jersey... Read More


Voli ft. SYOR - New Religion [Stream & Download]

Shopping around for a New Religion? You could do far worse than worshiping Jersey rapper/producer Voli, who plays the misunderstood prophet on the latest leak off his forthcoming, Booth-sponsored street release. Doing... Read More


J. Cole ft. Omen & Voli - Pity [Stream]

For being in a position that countless others can merely dream of, heavyweight recording artists are surprisingly apt to feel sorry for themselves, using their position of power as a soapbox from which to vent about their... Read More


Voli ft. D1 - Darkside [Stream & Download]

Addiction can bring out the Darkside in even the most balanced individuals; just ask Jersey emcee/producer Voli, who channels his personal experiences with substance abuse into his latest mixtape leak. Produced by D1 (who... Read More


Voli - The Righteous Remain [Stream & Download]

Regular Booth readers know that up-and-coming NJ emcee Voli is seemingly incapable of speaking anything but honest, passionate rhymes; you’ll find no racks on other racks here. Readers also know that when it comes to... Read More


Voli - Prisoner [Stream & Download]

For those who like to view the world through those ubiquitous rose-colored glasses and try to see it for the good and the things that make us happy, Voli is here to remind us that it’s real out here. There are a lot of... Read More


Voli - Tommy Gun City [Stream & Download]

Simply going by the name, Tommy Gun City might not sound like a nice place to settle down and raise a family, but first impressions can be… in this case, completely accurate. The metropolis described by Voli on leak... Read More


Voli - Fade Away [Stream & Download]

I always enjoy a track just a little more when its artist and producer are the same; it just seems to carry a more personal tone. Just like Kanye, B.o.B., and XV before him, Voli is mesmerizing listeners with his dual... Read More


Voli - Turbulence [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

Jersey emcee Voli has been a model of consistency over the past few months, releasing Booth-approved cuts Stress, Here, and Redemption.  For his next act the Freestyle Series alum grabs Kraddy‘s Android Porn... Read More


Elite Spits “Lock Down” for DJBooth x StreetAmmo Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Elite, the Connecticut native who earned reader acclaim for "Sing My Song" as well as assisting Jon Connor on "Keep Your Head," has stepped into the Booth with the 228th entry in and StreetAmmo's... Read More


Voli - Redemption [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

Life is full of choices; for example, you could choose to renounce all your worldly possessions at this very moment and devote the rest of your life to feeding the hungry, or you could sit on your derriere and listen to this... Read More


Voli - Here [Stream & Download]

There are rappers who just so happen to rhyme over great music. Then there are great musicians who just so happen to rap. It’s rare to find an artist who can do both, but with a record like Here, up-and-coming emcee Voli... Read More


Voli - Stress [Stream & Download]

If you guys partook in a Thanksgiving feast similar to mine, you’re probably still suffering from a food coma (damn you, turkey and gravy). Thankfully for us, Voli, the New Jersey artist who just took us to The Funeral, is... Read More


Voli - The Funeral [Stream & Download]

Talk about mood swings – in contrast to Voli‘s last non-freestyle feature, on which he breezily dreamed of a life Free from all worldly obligations, the Jersey emcee’s new promo single, The Funeral finds him... Read More


Voli - Frosh Year [Stream]

Voli, the Jersey native who earned reader acclaim for mixtape cut Free, has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 209th entry in and Streetammo‘s Freestyle Series. On his brand new, exclusive “Frosh... Read More


Voli Spits “Frosh Year” for x StreetAmmo Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Voli, the Jersey native who earned reader acclaim for mixtape cut "Free," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 209th entry in and Streetammo's Exclusive Freestyle Series. On his brand new,... Read More


Voli ft. Jayro - Free [Stream & Download]

Most of us have, at one time or another, fantasized about walking out of work (or school) and flying someplace far away to live a life Free of all worldly obligations. Sure, most of us kinda need income to survive, but who... Read More