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Wax Preps “The Cookout Chronicles,” Premieres Chill Single “First Love” [Feature ]

In October of 2010, Baltimore native turned L.A. resident Wax made his DJBooth debut with "Music and Liquor." At the time we knew he had potential, and we knew we wanted to support his music on our platform, but... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Wax’ “No Real Job” [Feature ]

Some "Holy Shit You Need to Hear This" entries slap you in the face with their obviousness. Four seconds into the audio-knife fight that was ScHoolboy Q's "Groovy Tony" and I knew it was going into this... Read More


The Cheat Code Review to Wax’s “Living Foul” Album [Feature ]

I was a freshman in college, sitting in my dorm, watching my roommate play Call Of Duty, when I stumbled across one of my favorite YouTube videos ever. My jaw literally dropped. Fast forward to today, Wax... Read More


Wax - Livin’ Foul [Album]

Two years removed from his last album, Continue..., Maryland native and longtime Booth favorite Wax has released his second studio album, entitled Livin' Foul. The album totals 12 tracks, including Booth-approved cuts... Read More


Wax - This One’s On Me [Stream]

Longtime Booth fave Wax has released This One’s On Me, a brand new single that tackles life, friendship and a good ‘ol celebratory drink. Supremely catchy and bound for success, the record is expertly and... Read More


“This One’s On Me”: Wax on Drinking, New Music & His BFF Ryan Phillippe [Feature ]

When I was starting my short-lived but glorious "3 Shots" show and needed a rapper to binge drink with me, I called Wax. And when Wax did his first stand-up comedy set ever I was there, sipping on a whiskey in a run down Van... Read More


Wax - No Smoking in the House [Stream]

With a brand new album on the way, Wax reintroduces himself (and his skill set) with the release of a new video. No Smoking in the House, co-produced by Wax and Davy Nathan, is six minutes of straight bars. No hook, no... Read More


DJ Hoppa - Grown ft. Devon Lee, Futuristic, Wax & Dizzy Wright [Stream]

DJ Hoppa‘s Hoppa & Friends, the Funk Volume producer’s upcoming full-length, drops next week and boasts features from the entire FV family (in addition to others). To get fans even more excited, Hoppa follows... Read More


Gotham Green ft. Wax - Government Name [Stream]

In recent years, an increasing number of emcees have dropped their invented monikers in favor of their Government Names. You don’t have to worry about Gotham Green going that route, though. His pseudonym has a vital... Read More


Lack of Afro ft. Wax, Herbal T & EOM - Here We Go Again [Stream]

I’d start this blurb by making sarcastic use of this record’s title, but Lack of Afro is a first-time featuree on the headlining tip, so it wouldn’t really be appropriate. And even if we had featured him... Read More


3 Shots With: The Bender (ft. Jean Grae, Jarren Benton, Wax & More) [Feature ]

RefinedHype started "3 Shots With" mostly so Nathan S. could drink with interesting people; mission accomplished. In Season One he had the pleasure of sitting down - and boozing - with Wax, Jarren Benton, Thurz, Justin Hunte... Read More


“3 Shots With Wax”: Crazy Girls, “Rosana” Decoded & More (Video Drinkerview) [Feature ]

For the very first episode of 3 Shots With video interview series, Nathan S. of RefinedHype sits down with fellow booze-lover Wax to drink and talk about beards, how to spot an insane girl, decode his Rosana lyrics, vaginal... Read More


Wax ft. Anderson Paak - Feels Good [Stream]

Nothing Feels quite as Good as being reunited with an old friend; when said friend comes bearing dope music, of course, that only sweetens the deal. Not glimpsed on our pages since dropping off I Shoulda Tried Harder back in... Read More


Rap Remembers 9/11: Artists Share Their Stories [Feature ]

I'm not quite sure who first said it, but we've all heard the saying, "Time heals all wounds." Unfortunately, that notion doesn't always hold true. Twelve years ago today, more than 3,000 people were killed in the deadliest... Read More


DEMOS Soundtrack [Album]

DEMOS is one of the only documentaries to truly delve into the world of independent hip-hop. Through interviews with Black Thought, Talib Kweli, Naughty By Nature and many more, DEMOS provides artists with an inside look at... Read More


EOM ft. Breezy Lovejoy, Wax & Dumbfoundead - I’m On It [Stream]

You might not know him by name, but you definitely owe producer EOM big time. The boardsmith is responsible for some of your favorite cuts from his good buddies and regular Booth contributors, Breezy Lovejoy, Dumbfoundead,... Read More


Wax - I Shoulda Tried Harder [Stream]

With thousands of loyal fans and several dope projects under his belt, I think it’s safe to say that Wax is doing well for himself. Even so, the Booth fave can’t help but wonder how things might have gone if... Read More


Three Artists We’d Like to See At Next Year’s Coachella [Feature ]

This weekend marks the second week of the fun in the sun that is Coachella, but while the now legendary music festival's not even officially over, we can't help but look ahead to next year. Inspired by PepsiRefresh's... Read More


Wax - We Can’t All Be Heroes [Stream]

As a kid, you might have been told that if you work hard, you can be anything you want to be. While this is all well and good, it is not the most realistic motto. Perhaps some brutal honesty and a dose of reality courtesy of... Read More


Wax Talks “Continue”, Touring, Fake Girlfriends & More (DJBoothTV Exclusive Interview) [Feature ]

For the latest episode of "Outside the Booth", DJBoothTV's own Jacques Morel catches up with Wax before his show at Webster Hall to talk about his new album, Continue..., the joys of touring small town, the Manti Te'o scandal... Read More


Wax - Continue… [Album]

Wax, the artist behind Booth-hosted projects Scrublife and Eviction Notice, has released his independent debut album, Continue.... The digital album features previously-released singles "Toothbrush," "Lewis & Clark" and "We... Read More


Wax x Herbal T - Lewis & Clark [Stream & Download]

Mariachi bands, acoustic guitars, you never quite know what you’re going to get on a new Wax track, but never forget, the man can flat out rap. On his new video single Lewis & Clark, Wax brings on his brother and... Read More


Wax - Toothbrush [Stream]

On the viral smash lead video single off Wax‘s forthcoming debut album, the DMV native and comedian filled us in on his romance with Rosana, a dime piece whose beauty is only matched by her insatiable libido. What,... Read More


Jared Evan ft. Wax, Tayyib Ali & Emilio Rojas - Charlie Brown (Remix) [Stream & Download]

On EP single Charlie Brown, Jared Evan revisited his years as an adolescent outcast and bullying victim, comparing himself to the doleful, prematurely-balding protagonist of Charles Schultz’ Peanuts comic strips.... Read More


Gotham Green x Quickie Mart ft. Wax, P.U.D.G.E. & Chris Clarke - Front Row Friday (Remix) [Stream]

What could be better than enjoying a performance by a few of your favorite artists from the best seats in the house? Try having the aforementioned artists perform a brand new record just for you and an elite group of your... Read More


Wax - Tomorrow [Stream]

The thing about Tomorrow is that, by the time you get there, it’s today, and tomorrow’s a whole ‘nother 24 hours away. Which makes it a convenient time to schedule life improvements that you have f**k-all... Read More


Kosha Dillz ft. Wax & Ed. E Ruger - Nationally Rollin’ [Stream & Download]

Though prohibitive gas prices have limited the roadtrip’s popularity of late, the fact remains: there’s nothing like hitting the interstate with a few close homies. On new promo single Nationally Rollin’,... Read More


Wax - Stupefied (Unplugged) [Stream]

The French have a phrase, “esprit d’escalier,” for those clever comebacks that pop into your head minutes or hours after the appropriate moment has passed. On the latest entry in his DJBooth and Earmilk-presented... Read More


Wax - Outta My Mind (Unplugged) [Stream]

We all have that friend who, if they set down the bottle (or the blunt, or the Playstation controller), could easily parlay their natural talents into something great. Though the very fact that he’s featured in the... Read More


Wax - So What (Unplugged) [Stream]

Breaking up with your label is never easy but, in the case of Wax‘s recent split with Def Jam, their parting ways may have been a blessing in disguise. For one thing, the Booth fave’s current single, Rosana, has... Read More


Wax - Jukebox (Unplugged) [Stream]

If you’ve ever unplugged the jukebox at your local watering hole, you know what happens: the music stops. (And, if you don’t happen to work at the bar, you probably know what it feels like to be escorted out by... Read More


Consequence ft. Wax - Lost My Marbles [Stream]

When you grind for a decade-plus without achieving the level of acclaim you so clearly deserve, you’re bound to go little bit crazy. Just ask Consequence, who laments the maddening effects of critical apathy on Lost My... Read More


Wax - Paycut (Unplugged) [Stream]

When you’re flush with cash, a relationship with a gold-digging beauty might not seem like such a bad idea. If you’re not, however, why overextend your wallet just to delay the inevitable moment when she dumps you... Read More


Wax - Rosana (Unplugged) [Stream]

At this point I don’t know if MTV still even shows videos, but they definitely don’t run their classic Unplugged series anymore. It’s a damn shame, because if they did, we’d be watching Wax performn... Read More


Wax - Rosana [Stream]

Normally I wouldn’t bring up a ‘90s band like Better Than Ezra on a hip-hop site like The DJBooth, but when I first saw the title of Wax’s Rosana some strange synapse in my brain fired and I immediately thought of... Read More


Wax & EOM - Summer Breeze [Stream]

A Summer Breeze has nothing on Wax. On his latest promo single, the Def Jam buzzmaker behind Booth acclaimed projects Scrublife and Eviction Notice shows us what “fresh” sounds like, spitting about his preferred... Read More


Dumbfoundead ft. Breezy Lovejoy & Wax - Cellphone [Stream]

Hip-hop has no shortage of anthems aimed at getting the party started, or even continuing the party until six in the morning, but very rarely do we get a glimpse of the aftermath of all that Patron-infused festivity. Well, I... Read More


Wax Talks Upcoming Album, Versatility, Love for Miller Lite & More [Exclusive Video Interview] [Feature ]

On March 17, The DJBooth closed out SXSW with one of the livest showcases in the history of mankind, ever. DJBoothTV's own Jacques Morel was lucky enough to catch up with new Def Jam signee Wax (aka the Scrublife... Read More


Nobody Famous ft. Wax & Andy Milonakis - 1983 Old School Chick [Stream & Download]

To paraphrase a common complaint of old-school heads, rap just ain’t what it used to be—once raw and authentic, the genre has (they claim) transformed into a glossy, mass-produced simulacrum of its former self. On... Read More


Bang, You’re Dead ft. Wax & Know One - Meat Market [Stream & Download]

The last time Bang, You’re Dead dropped a record at the Booth, they traveled to Arizona, making us confident that they’ll continue to take us on a ride. Now, they team up with Def Jam‘s Wax and New... Read More


Wax - Eviction Notice [Album]

SoCal-based fast-riser Wax has joined forces with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest digital release, Eviction Notice. The follow-up to breakout project Scrublife (released via the Booth in March), the set tells the... Read More


Wax - Need [Stream]

Still nursing bruises from the feeding frenzy/clusterf*ck that was Black Friday? Wax feels your pain. Since bursting onto the scene with breakout project Scrublife (available for streaming and download in the Booth) and... Read More


Wax - Too Loud [Stream]

Certain artists have this elusive demeanor that just makes you think, “Damn, I’d love to party with this guy.” I think Wax may be one of those whose guilty pleasures come from disturbing the peace. Coming... Read More


Wax - Too Loud [Video]

With the mega-success of Wax’ last project Scrublife still looming large in the rearview the Cali artist is right back at it, and partying harder than every on new video Too Loud. The party anthem will be on Wax’s... Read More


Wax Rocks For Sold Out NYC Crowd [Exclusive Coverage] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Last Wednesday, New Yorkers reflected eternal and rubbed shoulders with fellow hip hop aficionados (literally) at Lower East Side venue Mercury Lounge all in honor of one man. College cool kids, eclectics... Read More

wax-mercury-lounge-0824113 Presents: Wax at NYC’s Mercury Lounge [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- and Scrublife have come together to present a night of music headlined by Wax, the Maryland-born, L.A.-based buzzmaker and Def Jam signee who brought us the highly-acclaimed Scrublife mixtape... Read More


Wax - Two Wheels [Video]

They may have taken away Wax’ license, but they can’t take away his pride, or his ability to make dope hip-hop. Two Wheels and much more daringly original music can be found on Wax’ Scrublife album,... Read More


Livestream of Wax’s Viper Room Concert! [Video]

Want to see recent Def Jam signee Wax live in concert but can’t make it to L.A.‘s Viper Room? No worries, DJBoothTV and Wax have partnered to bring fans a livestream of the night’s festivities. The stream... Read More


Wax - Two Wheels [Stream & Download]

In L.A. the car is king. Not only do Angelenos consider their cars manifestations of themselves, it’s impossible to navigate the city without four wheels and a motor. So if you’re forced to cruise the streets on a bike... Read More


Wax - Scrublife [Album]

For a music that prizes realness above all else, hip-hop has become an exercise in surrealism. Salvador Dali’s got nothing on the rap game. Rappers who’ve never recorded outside their bedrooms rhyme about flying on G6... Read Full Review


Wax - Dispensary Girl [Stream & Download]

Comic/rapper/storyteller Wax dropped his mixtape Scrublife, about two weeks ago via DJBooth and, according to the feedback, the Booth is in love. The YouTube phenom has a talent for injecting humor in his rhymes and... Read More


Wax - Scrublife Mixtape [Album]

Underground buzzmaker Wax has hooked up with and to bring fans his latest street release, the highly-anticipated Scrublife mixtape. Hosted by DJ Skee, the project features 16 brand new joints from... Read More


Wax Gets Animated on “Don’t Need’ for DJBoothTV [Video]

The always original Wax drops an animated video for his new song, Don’t Need, off his upcoming DJ Skee-hosted mixtape, Scrublife, set to drop next month via DJBooth. And be sure to check out the latest edition of his... Read More


Wax Releases “Wax Weekly #8”, Gives RefinedHype Shout Out [Video]

Not only has DJBooth Nation been digging Wax’ sound, turns out the man’s got some pretty damn good visuals too. In the latest in his Wax Weekly video series, now sponsored by our good friends at RefinedHype, the... Read More


Wax - Mary [Stream & Download]

I think Wax missed his Oscar for “Best Script” last night at the Academy Awards. Seriously. Purpose and plot belong in music just as much as it belongs in film, and hip-hop has had a gang of folks sweep the scene... Read More


Wax Gets Animated on “Don’t Need’ for DJBoothTV [Feature ]

The always original Wax drops an animated video for his new song, Don't Need, off his upcoming DJ Skee-hosted mixtape, Scrublife, set to drop next month via DJBooth. And be sure to check out the latest edition of his Wax... Read More


Wax Releases “Wax Weekly #8”, Gives RefinedHype Shout Out [Feature ]

Not only has DJBooth Nation been digging Wax' sound, turns out the man's got some pretty damn good visuals too. In the latest in his Wax Weekly video series, now sponsored by our good friends at RefinedHype, the up-and-coming... Read More


Wax - Red [Stream & Download]

On Booth debut, Music and Liquor, SoCal representative Wax spit a brutally honest chronicle of his struggles with the bottle, earning high reader praise for both his skills and his realness. Well, I’ve got good news and... Read More


Wax - Music and Liquor [Stream & Download]

Countless emcees have looked to rap as a way to address personal issues that would normally be confined to therapy sessions and support groups – substance abuse being a prime example. But what do you do when art and... Read More