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How Crowdfunding Renewed My Faith in Myself [Feature ]

In case you missed my last article, I recently jumped into the Kickstarter pool to test the waters of crowdfunding. The idea itself was one that I had resisted for years. But with my back to the wall and nowhere... Read More


Fear, Exhaustion & One Artist’s Admission He Needs Crowdfunding Help [Feature ]

Next week I’m going to launch a crowdfunding campaign for my new album, No Weapon, and I’m terrified. For a few years now people in my circle have been suggesting I do some crowdfunding but I’ve scoffed at... Read More


Can Hip-Hop Age Gracefully? [Feature ]

At 32-years-old, soon to be 33 in December, I’ve been frequently thinking about if I still have a place within hip-hop music and culture anymore. I don’t know what it was exactly that caused me to break away... Read More


This Is My Rifle: The Myth of the Low Budget Album Success Story [Feature ]

After my last article went live a few weeks ago, I never anticipated the amount of discussion it would generate in the following days. The sudden outpouring of love from fellow artists and debate with music fans on... Read More


This Is My Rifle: Art vs. Free Music (The Run The Jewels Effect) [Feature ]

What is the true value of a free album? As I’m rounding the corner of the final lap in the recording process of my next album, I’ve been asking myself this question on a frequent basis. There has been a lot of... Read More


This Is My Rifle: Crash Landing on The Mothership [Feature ]

Five years ago I was standing at the bottom of a mountain staring upwards. At the time, I was half way through my debut album with my producer Rodney Hazard and I was at the tail end of an artistic transition. In the years... Read More


Jason James x Rodney Hazard - Forgetting How to Dream [Stream]

This Is My Rifle, the inaugural single release off Jason James and Rodney Hazard‘s new project, was a cold shower of political reality after the steaming sh*tstorm that was the 2012 Presidential campaign. After... Read More


Jason James x Rodney Hazard - This Is My Rifle [Stream & Download]

Another election has ended in the good ol’ U-S of A, and regardless of which candidate you were pulling for, I think we’re all sick of the mudslinging, punditry and overall asinine behavior that presidential... Read More


Jason James x Rodney Hazard - Pyramids in Stereo [Album]

Vancouver-based rhymesayer Jason James and production partner Rodney Hazard have unleashed their latest collaborative opus, Pyramids in Stereo. The follow-to the DJBooth/RefinedHype-presented Marvelous World of Color, the... Read More


Jason James x Rodney Hazard - Tomorrow [Stream & Download]

The hip-hop cynic will tell you that the Golden Days of the genre are over and that club anthems and odes to money, cars and clothes dominate the market. Those with a glass half-full perspective will argue that materialistic... Read More


Jason James & Rodney Hazard - Marvelous World of Color [Album]

Vancouver emcee Jason James (aka WEB) and beatsmith Rodney Hazard (aka I.D.E.A.) have teamed up with,, PotHolesinMyBlog and Kevin Nottingham to bring listeners their highly-anticipated... Read More


Jason James - A View of the World [Premiere] [Stream]

While the title of Jason James and Rodney Hazard‘s Marvelous World of Color mixtape implies hope for a brighter tomorrow, the Vancouver emcee and his behind-the-boards partner seem to believe that the only way to get... Read More


Jason James (WEB) - Go [Premiere] [Stream]

As those who tuned in for their last feature, the darkly experimental Fame Us, are well aware, Jason James (aka WEB) and Rodney Hazard (aka I.D.E.A.) thrive on defying expectations. Thus, listeners shouldn’t be too... Read More


Jason James (WEB) - Fame Us [Premiere] [Stream]

After It Feels Right, the alcohol soaked track from Jason James (a.k.a. Web) that was met with rave reviews from the Booth community, the best emcee to ever come out of Vancouver is back with another offering, the haunting... Read More


Jason James - If It Feels Right [Premiere] [Stream]

How much do Web and I.D.E.A. believe in their new project Marvelous World of Color? So much that they’ve decided to forgo their musical aliases and promote the project via their government names: Jason James (Web) and... Read More


WEB & I.D.e.A - Love at the Speed of Light (Kolt 13 Remix) [Stream]

A remix from a French producer named Kolt 13 – not to be confused with the delicious/atrocious malt beverage Colt 45 – isn’t your average DJBooth track, but WEB is far from your average rapper. Making his Booth debut... Read More