New Will Brennan Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Will Brennan - Time = Money [Stream]

If (as the cliché goes) Time = Money, then it can truly be said that nothing in life is free. Whether you prefer to measure value in minutes or dollars, though, I can assure you that you won’t regret what you spend on... Read More


Will Brennan - 3 Act Play [Album]

In recent months, buzzmaking Florida emcee Will Brennan has released three consecutive EPs in the form of Three Act Plays, all presented by Grooveshark and Read More


Will Brennan - Inner Child [Stream]

Will Brennan may be a grown-ass man and a father to boot, but his Inner Child is alive and well. On this cut, part of a newly-released three-song EP with The Block Beattaz, the Palm Beach representative exhibits a childlike... Read More


Will Brennan & Austin Millz - Get Up & Go [Stream]

When the forthcoming collaborative EP from emcee Will Brennan and producer Austin Millz is released, you will want to Get Up & Go grab yourself a copy posthaste. Technically, you won’t even have to “get up,” because... Read More


Will Brennan ft. Elea Palmer - Once Upon a Time [Stream]

Don’t let the title fool you; while Once Upon a Time, the new, Earmilk-premiered single off Will Brennan‘s next LP, tells the story of a boy and girl in love, those who “hit” play hoping for a fairytale ending... Read More


Will Brennan - Bet That [Stream & Download]

Betting with a friend that the new Kreyshwn single receives a Grammy nomination is not a prudent wager. However, if someone wants to gamble against Will Brennan’s latest cut making a splash, then by all means Bet That sh*t!... Read More


Will Brennan - Pressure [Stream & Download]

To quote worldly philosopher, NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III, “No pressure, no diamonds.” RGIII’s wise words reign true in football, but they also relate to the rap game as well.  Take Will Brennan’s latest... Read More


The Road to A3C: Will Brennan [Feature ]

DJBooth is proud to announce that the Will Brennan will be rocking on our stage for this year's A3C Festival in Atlanta. South-Florida may be known for its big bass and corner talk, but Will Brennan is bringing a new sound... Read More


Will Brennan - Forgive Me [Stream & Download]

UPDATE: Click “Watch Video” for the brand new visuals to Forgive Me. Not seen on our pages since February, when he hooked up with The DJBooth to drop his highly-acclaimed Rite of Passage LP, Will Brennan makes... Read More


Will Brennan - Fall In Love (Seeing Sounds) [Stream & Download]

It’s been several months since we featured Florida emcee Will Brennan‘s first Prodigal Son cut, Forgive Me, and in that time we’ve featured four other records from the album which have all swiftly become... Read More


Will Brennan - Prodigal Son [Album]

Florida underground spitter Will Brennan has come together with The DJBooth, DJ Burn One and The Wayward Minds to bring listeners his latest release, the Prodigal Son EP. The follow-up to Booth-sponsored debut EP Rite of... Read More


Will Brennan - Everything I Want [Stream]

Will Brennan doesn’t ask for much—as long as he’s got his homies, his family, his block, paychecks big enough to keep himself and his people living comfortably, a spot at the top of the hip-hop game and some... Read More


Will Brennan - All That I Got [Stream]

There’s only one man Will Brennan trusts in this hip-hop game, and his name is—you guessed it—Will Brennan. On new mixtape single All That I Got, the Panhandle State representative acknowledges that he’s got... Read More


Will Brennan - RNR [Stream]

With hectic tour schedules, lengthy video shoots, and frightening groupies even rappers deserve a little RNR every now and then. Although according to South Florida’s Will Brennan, RNR is closer to “ridin and... Read More


Will Brennan - Rite of Passage [Album]

Florida rhymesayer Will Brennan has joined forces with The DJBooth and AO! to bring listeners his first ever full-length LP, Rite of Passage. A concept album chronicling Brennan’s life story and experiences from a... Read More


Will Brennan ft. J NICS - White Man’s World [Stream]

Black president or no, we’re still living in a White Man’s World. Having exposed the (literal) whitewashing of world history to efface the achievements of African antiquity on the previously-featured This Land,... Read More


Will Brennan - Going Through It [Stream & Download]

On his last feature, the tremendously-acclaimed This Land, Will Brennan put Western society’s historical assumptions into global perspective, schooling us on how Western society has whitewashed the historic cultural and... Read More


Will Brennan - This Land [Stream & Download]

Update: Click “Listen Now” above to watch Will’s “This Land” video. As anyone who’s watched Schoolhouse Rock knows, knowledge is power—and, while important steps have been made in... Read More


Will Brennan - Hashish [Stream & Download]

There’s something in the air today, Booth readers—and by “something,” I mean weed smoke. Whereas Jon Hope‘s The Second Hand (also featured today), found the R.I. repper catching a contact despite his... Read More


Will Brennan ft. Chas Malone - Expect From Me [Video]

Florida buzzmaker Will Brennan continues his grind on his latest video Expect From Me, featuring Chas Malone. For much more dopeness from Brennan be sure to cop his Road Not Taken album, available for free stream and download... Read More


Will Brennan ft. Reggie Williams - Ready For Now [Stream & Download]

Some rappers are content to chase their dreams on a part-time basis, waking up somewhere around noon, checking Facebook, writing a couple rhymes and then hitting the club. Not Will Brennan. The young Florida buzzmaker is... Read More


Will Brennan ft. B. Way & Niko.IS - Amsterdam, FL [Stream]

Weed may not exactly be legal in the Panhandle State, but if you were to hang with Will Brennan‘s crew for a day, you’d swear you were in Amsterdam, Fla.. On this fresh, unreleased cut (a Booth-exclusive world... Read More


Will Brennan ft. Andrew Floyd - R.I.P. [Video]

Florida up-and-comer Will Brennan buries/kills/caskets/ethers/bodies/First 48s the visuals to his latest single, R.I.P., also featuring Andrew Floyd. If this aggressive jam leaves you impressed (and I don’t know why it... Read More


Will Brennan ft. Andrew Floyd - RIP [Stream]

You know a rapper’s slayed a record when it says “RIP” on the title line. At least he’d better have, or he’ll get a critical beatdown in return for his hubris. In Will Brennan‘s case, the question... Read More


Will Brennan - Take It All [Stream & Download]

Still riding high on the wave of Booth acclaim he won with his last feature,Shut the F*ck Up, Will Brennan returns to bring us the world premiere of yet another fresh, innovative record. On Take It All, the Panhandle State... Read More


Will Brennan ft. Nick SB - Shut the F*ck Up [Stream]

Whether he’s Rais[ing his] Glass to good times and dope music, or crafting improbably dope hip-hop/grunge/dubstep hybrids with the help of adventurous beatsmith Dual, Will Brennan has been unable to miss in the Booth of... Read More


Will Brennan - Smells Like June 11 [Stream & Download]

Given that Smells Like Teen Spirit is one of the most renowned (and covered) songs in modern rock history, I shouldn’t be too surprised that someone had the bright idea to create a a dubstep-inspired hip-hop remix of... Read More


Will Brennan ft. Sean Buck & J. NiCS - Raise Ya Glass [Stream & Download]

Life, love, wealth, health, more Rosa Acosta stretching videos, all things I’m more than willing to Raise Ya Glass to in celebration. Of course I’m also willing to fill up a cup to some dope new hip-hop and thankfully... Read More


Royce Lovett ft. Will Brennan - Eyes (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Though Royce Lovett describes his genre-blending style as “cerebral soul,” it’s the Booth newcomer’s emotional force that takes center stage on new single Eyes (Remix). Here, an alternatiely delicate... Read More


Will Brennan - Let’s Play [Video]

Having already hit us hard with videos From the Top and Get By, up-and-coming Florida artists Will Brennan switches up his style for his visually arresting new video, Let’s Play. For more genre-breaking music be sure to... Read More


Will Brennan Reveals Boundary Breaking “Road Not Taken” Free Album [Feature ]

After DJBooth-approved leaks Get By and Wait For Me, in addition to visuals for Get By and From the Top, up-and-coming Florida emcee Will Brennan is proud to present his third album, Road Not Taken. An album filled with... Read More


Will Brennan - Road Not Taken [Album]

After DJBooth-approved leaks Get By and Wait For Me, in addition to visuals for Get By and From the Top, up-and-coming Florida emcee Will Brennan has proudly released his third album, Road Not Taken. An album filled with... Read More


Will Brennan - From the Top [Video]

Following his DJBoothTV debut Get By, up-and-comer Will Brennan unleashes the visuals to this From the Top banger. If you had any doubts before this should prove Brennan is a serious problem on the mic. For more from Brennan... Read More


Will Brennan - Get By [Video]

Up and coming emcee Will Brennan follows the release of his highly rated Get By single with some laid back visual accompaniment that showcases just how real Will is. For more from Brennan be sure to cop his Grooveshark... Read More


Will Brennan - Get By [Stream & Download]

Crazy as it may seem to those of us who know the meaning of the word “downtime,” there are people out there who thrive on being constantly in motion; even if they could be convinced to slow their pace, the boredom would... Read More


Will Brennan - Wait for Me [Stream & Download]

To paraphrase Walt Whitman, any one individual contains multitudes of different, often self-contradictory selves. Take Booth newcomer Will Brennan: the Floridian emcee’s devoted-boyfriend side wants nothing more than a... Read More