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Liam Howard - Somehow (It’ll All Work Out) [Stream]

Last September, unsigned singer/songwriter William Howard stepped into the Booth with Back & Forth, a Neon Feather-produced jam which he announced would be his “last single for some time.” Well, “some time” has... Read More


William Howard - Back & Forth [Stream]

After the success of Suppose (Neon Feather Remix) earlier this month, I have a good idea how hungry fans will react to hearing that William Howard‘s rejoined forces with the titular producer for another fresh single:... Read More


William Howard - Suppose (Neon Feather Remix) [Stream]

Just suppose that you recorded a song but, for whatever reason, decided not to release it. But then you linked up with producer Neon Feather, and the results were spectacular enough to warrant the release of a remix?... Read More


William Howard - All Out War [Stream]

Love is often referred to as a battlefield, but the analogy isn’t complete unless you know the weapons being used. A battle fought using conventional arms—the silent treatment, refusal to do household chores and other... Read More