New Willy Northpole Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Willy Northpole - Garbage Disposal 3 [Stream]

As the first Arizona native to release a major-label rap album (Tha Connect via DTP/Def Jam), Willy Northpole has seen plenty of hate come his way—some claim that he doesn’t give back to his home city, while others... Read More


Willy Northpole - Rat [Stream]

Inspired by many of gangsta rap’s classic LPs, Phoenix’ Willy Northpole decided to go the “concept album” route with debut full-length Tha Connect, telling a story set in the mean streets of his home city. ... Read More


Willy Northpole - Tha Connect [Album]

For a music supposedly all about where you’re from, hip-hop doesn’t give us many options. If you live in New York, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago or L.A., congratulations, you can turn on BET anytime and watch a rapper represent... Read Full Review


Willy Northpole ft. Bobby V - #1 Chick [Stream]

Though rappers are often assumed to be players unwilling to commit to any one partner, that stereotype (like most) is not entirely accurate—in most cases, they simply need to find someone who can deal with their uniquely... Read More


Willy Northpole - Ghetto Tour Guide [Stream]

In his exclusive interview with our own DJ Z, Phoenix, Arizona up-and-comer Willy Northpole explained that, though many associate his hometown with endless deserts and golf courses, it’s also home to some of our... Read More


Willy Northpole Previews “Hood Dreamer” Video [Video] [Feature ]

Phoenix, AZ -- Willy Northpole, the DTP/Def Jam emcee last seen on his Booth-exclusive "The Coldest" freestyle, is currently preparing to premiere the music video for single "Hood Dreamer," a Bobby Ray collabo that first hit... Read More

Willy Northpole Spits “The Coldest” Freestyle for Series [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Willy Northpole, the Disturbing the Peace up-and-comer our readers may remember from "Drive By Music" and B.o.B collabo "Hood Dreamer," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 13th entry in our Read More


Willy Northpole - The Coldest [Stream & Download]

The 13th entry in our exclusive freestyle series comes to us courtesy of Willy Northpole, the Disturbing Tha Peace emcee who readers may remember from Drive By Music and B.o.B collabo Hood Dreamer, as well as his guest... Read More


Willy Northpole - Drive By Music [Stream]

With the name of his Disturbing Tha Peace general currently spelled out in lights, Call Up the Homies co-star Willy Northpole has positioned himself as next-up for MVP of the successful boutique Def Jam South label. After... Read More


Willy Northpole ft. B.o.B. - Hood Dreamer [Stream]

In every hood across America there are a handful of children who hope to one day become superstar rappers.  Unfortunately, for every one child who grows up and is blessed with the opportunity to record music as a... Read More


Ludacris ft. The Game & Willy Northpole - Call Up The Homies [Stream]

Ludacris switches out his trademarked cartoon-character antics to let you know that it’s about to go down on the prospective street single, Call Up The Homies.  On this dark and ominous banger, produced by Clinton... Read More


Willy Northpole - Body Marked Up [Stream]

On February 3rd, the Patriots and Giants will compete for the Lombardi Trophy in Glendale, Arizona.  While that game will take center stage, another competition continues to brew in the Valley of the Sun; G-Unit‘s... Read More