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Witty Rock ft. Junior - Social Retard [Stream & Download]

Let’s be real: if you find it easy to relate to others, you’re probably not going to spend long, lonely hours perfecting the art of expressing yourself in rhyme. Whereas most emcees seem determined to maintain the... Read More


Witty Rock - Culture [Stream & Download]

Being an American Studies major in college, I analyzed my fair share of Cultures, but the material that I studied was nothing like Witty Rock’s latest effort. After being introduced to Boothies last week, on the... Read More


Witty Rock - Rappers N’ Drugz [Stream & Download]

Though the substance du jour is always changing (Molly’s currently enjoying its day in the sun.), Rappers N’ Drugz have gone together since the dawn of hip-hop. A Booth newcomer affiliated with Baltimore’s... Read More