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“The Industry Wants to Put You in a Box, Don’t Let Them”: An Interview with ¡MAYDAY! [Feature ]

“We always say that ¡MAYDAY! has become like Fight Club,” Bernz says, smiling behind his sunglasses and bushy beard. “Like, only the real ones know about it, and someone has to put you on to us... Read More


Wrekonize ‘Into The Further’ Cheat Code Album Review [Feature ]

Every week, I spend hours digging through SoundCloud, looking for something I haven’t heard that’s worth my time; looking for art that will move me. I’m in constant search of relatability, stories that... Read More


How Do You Listen to Music? [Feature ]

In the era of microwave journalism, hot takes and fire tweets there’s been a lot of talk about the way we listen to albums. Much of that talk focuses on the wrong way to listen, but really, is there a right... Read More


Wrekonize & Sharpsound - Sunny Winter 2 EP [Album]

Wrekonize, Strange Music emcee/producer and frontman of the Booth-acclaimed hip-hop crew ¡MAYDAY!, has linked up with DJ/producer and fellow Miami native Sharpsound for Sunny Winter 2, a brand new free EP and the sequel to... Read More


I Talked to ¡MAYDAY! About Tour Life, Their New Album & Bathrooms [Feature ]

I walk through the alley in between 11th and 12th street. There is a van with a U-Haul attached filling the alley, it's decked out with ¡MAYDAY! art. The thought of 12 people sharing that van on a cross... Read More


MURS - The Worst ft. Wrekonize [Stream]

Taken from his Strange Music debut, Have A Nice Life, MURS’ The Worst is a record most men can relate to. An homage to Biz Markie, the ¡MAYDAY!-produced track is a storytelling adventure that finds the headliner is a... Read More


Kap Kallous - Pine Box ft. Wrekonize & LuckyIAm [Stream]

It’s been almost exactly six months since Kap Kallous’ previous Booth feature, but the Florida representative makes his return today with the world premiere release of his latest effort. This offering from his... Read More


This Week in Hype: Wrekonize on His First Album, Mayday & Strange Music [Feature ]

What could possibly be better than a "This Week in Hype" podcast? I mean, millions of dollars, sure, sex, yes. Maybe even a decent back rub...a Pop Tart straight out the toaster...a decent episode of The... Read More


DJ EFN - Paradise ft. Talib Kweli, Redman & Wrekonize [Stream]

Are you a sucker for intricate bars and artful throwback beats? Then you’ll be in heaven once you hit play on DJ EFN’s forthcoming studio debut. Don’t take it from me, though; simply hit play on the project’s latest... Read More


Wrekonize - Push Gets to Shovin’ [Stream]

For their top-notch work over the course of 2014, Florida live-band ensemble ¡MAYDAY! was recently awarded the highest honor a hip-hop act can receive, taking home not one but two Best of the Booth trophies. Rather than... Read More


DJ EFN ft. Fashawn & Wrekonize - Hood Banger [Stream]

Sometimes, a song’s title says it all—and DJ EFN‘s latest effort is a case in point. Hood Banger is indeed the type of ish that you’d expect to hear blasting from an old-school head’s car speakers. I... Read More


Real Recognize Real: Wrekonize on Pink Floyd, the Rise of TDE & More [Feature ]

Sometimes it can feel like artists move through the world in their own bubble, orbiting around each other but never touching, especially in hip-hop when biting and copying is a cardinal sin. But the truth is, music... Read More


Kap Kallous ft. Psalm One & Wrekonize - Sushi Bar [Stream]

How is Kap Kallous like a Sushi Bar? Easy—they’ll both Give It to You Raw. On his latest single, making its world premiere on our front page, the Panhandle State emcee serves up a platter of lyrical prosciutto,... Read More


Wrekonize ft. Tech N9ne & Rittz - Freak (Extended Mix) [Stream]

Back in May of 2013, when Wrekonize brought us the world premiere of single Freak, many listeners expressed their wish that the song had been a bit longer. Well, those complaints didn’t fall upon deaf ears. It’s... Read More


Tech N9ne - Strangeulation Cypher [Stream]

For any semi-serious Kung Fu movie fans, The Game of Death is one of the genre’s biggest What Ifs. The premise was a simple yet intriguing one that is centered around a tiered building of masters in various fields of... Read More


Wrekonize ft. Bun B, RiFF RaFF & Jackie Chain - Easy Money (Remix) [Stream]

As a hip-hop artist with a label deal and a growing presence on the national scene, Wrekonize must be swimming in cash like Scrooge McDuck… right? If only that were the case. On his latest remix, released as part of the... Read More


Wrekonize ft. Jarren Benton & R.A. The Rugged Man - Floating Away (Remix) [Stream]

The lack of gravity seems to be a widespread worry among artists in today’s Booth lineup. This morning, India Shawn admitted that without her man by her side, she feels like she’s in danger of Floating Away.... Read More


Tech N9ne ft. Wrekonize, Twizted Insane & Snow Tha Product - So Dope [Stream]

Just how dope is Tech N9ne‘s latest promotional single, So Dope (They Wanna)? Well, you might want to have a methdone script lined up before hitting play; otherwise, you may find yourself unable to stop listening. A... Read More


Wrekonize ft. Crooked I - Adrenaline [Stream]

Adrenaline, also known as epinephrine, is an endogeneous hormone and neurotransmitter released into the bloodstream in response to stressful or emotionally arousing events. While there’s nothing especially... Read More


Wrekonize - Neon Skies [Stream]

Like Corey Hart, Wrekonize wears his sunglasses at night. Whereas the ‘80s pop star was trying to shield his eyes from his girl’s infidelity (I think—it’s been a hot minute since I’ve heard the... Read More


Wrekonize - The War Within [Album]

Wrekonize, the Miami rhymesayer who rose to prominence as frontman of Booth-acclaimed live-band hip-hop crew ¡MAYDAY!, is now venturing into solo territory with Strange Music debut full-length The War Within. Preceded by... Read More


Wrekonize - We Got Soul [Stream]

Wrekonize‘s forthcoming solo debut is titled The War Within, but introspection isn’t all that’s on the menu. As he reveals on We’ve Got Soul, resolving his “subconscious drama” also involves taking... Read More


Hazardis Soundz ft. REKS, Wrekonize & Ekko - Turnt Up [Stream]

Plenty of songs boast a loud, action-packed title, but the artists never seem to deliver an appropriately adrenaline-pumping performance. Hazardis Soundz’ Turnt Up is not one of those songs. In order to ensure that his cut... Read More


Wrekonize ft. Tech N9ne - Freak [Stream & Download]

On the lead single off his forthcoming solo debut, ¡MAYDAY! frontman Wrekonize took the opportunity to get a little more personal than he has in his collaborative work, rhyming about the Anxiety Attacks and self-doubt... Read More


Wrekonize - Anxiety Attacks [Stream]

For artists who break through as part of a collective, branching out into solo material offers an opportunity to delve into subject matter of a more personal nature. The desire to get real about his inner conflicts was... Read More


Wrekonize ft. J NICS & Ryan Evans - Silent Partner [Stream]

UPDATE: “Silent Partner” is no longer available to stream. Earlier this month, Wrekonize hooked up with The DJBooth to drop his latest solo street release, The Rooftops Mixtape. Just in case the ¡MAYDAY!... Read More


Wrekonize - The Rooftops Mixtape [Album]

Fresh off guesting on Saheed's Times Up and J NICS & DJ Burn One's "On the Go," Strange Music signee and DJBooth fave Wrekonize has unleashed his latest solo street album for digital download. Presented by ¡MAYDAY! (Wrek's... Read More


Saheed ft. Wrekonize & Soul Khan - Times Up [Stream & Download]

With less than a week remaining before his new, Booth-hosted street album is unleashed upon the listening populace, Saheed knows that he’s got to make every second count. Aiming to to maximize the buzz around the... Read More


Wrekonize - Break Ya Neck (Freestyle) [Stream & Download]

Might want to bust out a brace for this one—the rhymes come so hard and fast on Wrekonize‘s latest freestyle that you’re liable to Break Ya Neck trying to follow ‘em. The fifth and final entry in his... Read More


Tech N9ne ft. ¡MAYDAY! - The Noose [Stream]

When Tech N9ne’s not busy serving as the game’s most successful indie artist, he’s the CEO of his own Strange Music label, a job that’s lead to the signing of none other than DJBooth favorites and Lords of the Fly... Read More


Tech N9ne ft. Wrekonize (of ¡MAYDAY!) - Blur [Stream]

Fresh off having his All 6’s and 7’s LP crowned the Best Hip Hop Album of 2011 (Underground/Independent) by Booth readers, Tech N9ne is back on our pages with single numero uno off his forthcoming EP. On... Read More


Wrekonize (of ¡MAYDAY!) - Good Good Night [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

How do you make a Good Good Night even better? Wrekonize has a few ideas; on this newly-released freestyle, the ¡MAYDAY! emcee puts his own spin on Roscoe Dash‘s previously-featured single, flexing his lyrical muscles... Read More


Wrekonize (of ¡MAYDAY!) - Worldwide Choppers [Freestyle] [Stream & Download]

The trouble with taking a previously used beat for a freestyle, mash-up, or mixtape track is the inevitable comparison to the original song. Strange Music’s Wrekonize, also a member of iMayday! (who is on tour with Tech... Read More


Mike Beatz ft. Wrekonize - My World [Stream & Download]

Since Mike Beatz’ transition from the boards to the mic has been an unreserved success (his last feature, 50/50, earned glowing praise from Booth readers), the veteran producer/up-and-coming rapper’s decided to... Read More


Wrekonize (of ¡MAYDAY!) - Declaration [Stream & Download]

The 223rd entry in and StreetAmmo‘s Exclusive Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Wrekonize, the Miami native (and ¡MAYDAY! member) who earned reader acclaim for Groundwork (Remix). On his brand new,... Read More


Wrekonize Spits “Declaration” for DJBooth x StreetAmmo Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Wrekonize, the Miami native (and ¡MAYDAY! member) who earned reader acclaim for "Groundwork (Remix)," has stepped into the Booth with the 223rd entry in and StreetAmmo's Exclusive Freestyle... Read More


Wrekonize ft. Ras Kass, Akrobatik, Co$$, Rudi Goblen & Saheed - Groundwork (Remix) [Stream & Download]

I don’t know if a gaggle of underground flame-spitters gathering on one dope ensemble cut can be considered “groundbreaking,” but one thing’s for damn sure: it doesn’t happen nearly often enough. Thus,... Read More


Miami Beat Wave ft. Skyzoo & Wrekonize - Virtue of Success [Stream & Download]

Last we heard from Miami Beat Wave, the production crew had enlisted fellow Panhandle State natives ¡MAYDAY! for One Foot in the Grave, a politically and musically boundary-busting track seemingly designed to spark a... Read More


Wrekonize Holds “A Soiree for Skeptics” on New Mixtape [Download] [Feature ]

Miami, Fla. -- ¡MAYDAY! emcee < b>Wrekonize is back in the Booth with his latest solo project, a brand new mixtape entitled A Soiree for Skeptics. The project features 13 fresh cuts from the Miami native who brought us "Out... Read More


Wrekonize ft. Busta Rhymes - Out To Get Me [Stream]

The transition from battle emcee to full-fledged artist can sometimes prove to be a difficult move for most (cough, Jin), but the product of Miami’s Wrekonize is turning out to be quite impressive. Out To Get Me is... Read More