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10 Underground NYC Rappers Keeping Boom Bap Alive [Feature ]

For many young rap fans, “boom bap” is a dirty term, associated with dusty beats, old heads, and the wave of the past. Everyone from pseudo-journalistic “pundits” to rap artists themselves have written... Read More


Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Kemba Freestyle on Real Late with Peter Rosenberg [Feature ]

Kemba, formerly known as YC The Cynic, is one of those artists that I consider criminally slept on. Hailing from the Bronx, Kemba has been releasing incredibly dope music since 2010, but has yet to rise above the ranks of... Read More


Cole King - Fade ft. YC the Cynic [Stream]

Face it, there’s a lot of messed up shit going on in the world today. Cole King has had enough of it, and in response he prepared to deliver a lyrical Fade at any moment. Well, that moment is now, as he’s just... Read More


Ricky Dubs ft. Mick Jenkins & YC The Cynic - Keep It 100 [Stream]

Chicago’s Mick Jenkins and Bronx native YC The Cynic may hail from different regions, but their similarities far outweight their differences. For example, neither is able to tolerate even the faintest whiff of fakeness.... Read More


See Lil Bibby, CJ FLy & More at Chicago Connection Showcase (During SXSW) [Feature ]

119 Productions, a Chicago based boutique production company has teamed up with The DJBooth and Art Collective FDC to present a broad spectrum demo of some of the nation's best artists. Saturday, March 15, acts from Chicago... Read More


Otis Clapp ft. YC The Cynic & Devo D - Fiona [Stream]

Sure, this is Otis Clapp‘s first feature on our pages. But, with a strong flow and the help of a Booth regular, he more than makes up for a lack of Booth experience on video single Fiona. Setting the mood on this brash,... Read More


YC The Cynic - Hunts Point Diaspora [Stream]

YC The Cynic‘s always peppered his records with social commentary, but never have we heard him drop knowledge in as concentrated a form as he does on his latest feature, Hunts Point Diaspora. This unreleased record... Read More


Jarred A.G. ft. YC The Cynic - False Gods [Stream]

Diverse as their beliefs may be, the world’s monotheistic religions can agree on at least one thing: worshipping False Gods has dire consequences. The question of course, is where to find the true one. For Jarred A.G.,... Read More


YC the Cynic - The Heaviest Cross [Stream]

Being (or thinking you are) God ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, you have awesome powers, but you’ve also got the Heaviest Cross to bear. Having tackled the positive side of deityhood on his lead... Read More


YC The Cynic - GNK [Album]

Bronx rhymesayer YC The Cynic has unleashed his second digital full-length, GNK. The follow-up to 2012 freshman set Fall FWD, the 12-track project comes heralded by Booth-approved video singles "God Complex" and "Murphy's... Read More


Win Tickets to Y.C. the Cynic’s “G.N.K.” Album Release Party [Exclusive Giveaway] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Next Tuesday, August 27, South Bronx spitter YC the Cynic will release his highly-anticipated debut full-length, G.N.K., via Move Forward Music. In honor of the occasion, he will be holding an album release... Read More


YC The Cynic - Murphy’s Law [Stream]

According to Murphy’s Law, everything that can go wrong sooner or later will. While the jury’s still out on whether that rule holds true, one can point to plenty of evidence in its favor. On a new single, YC the... Read More


YC The Cynic ft. Hipnotic - Runaway [Stream]

On mixtape lead single God Complex, featured earlier this month, YC the Cynic invited listeners to bow down and supplicate themselves before the master of the universe… none other than YC the Cynic. Runaway, the latest... Read More


YC The Cynic - God Complex [Stream]

Missed church this weekend? Not to worry; you’re just in time for YC the Cynic‘s personal worship service, going down right here in The DJBooth. I should mention, though, that the belief system the West Coast... Read More


Dao Jones ft. YC the Cynic - About Love [Stream]

Though his Booth features are in the double-digits (this being number 12), Dao Jones latest offering is only the second set of visuals we have received from the artist. Luckily, for fans who missed Mr. October back in 2011,... Read More


YC The Cynic - Hallelujah [Stream & Download]

A good number of artists put on a lavish display in their videos or live performance, but for most indie emcees on a budget, money is simply too valuable to be spent on new kicks or thrown at strippers. For example, take YC... Read More


Keswick ft. Skyzoo & YC the Cynic - For The Win [Stream]

Even though it is only his first Booth feature, producer/engineer Keswick is already going For The Win. Assisting in the producer’s quest for victory are Booth favorites and fellow Big Apple spittas Skyzoo and YC The... Read More


Chaundon ft. YC The Cynic & DJ Flash - Prosperity [Stream]

Ever since the post-Civil War era, African-Americans have been struggling to get their rightful piece of the pie. Unfortunately, their journey toward Prosperity hasn’t been without setbacks—according to a Pew Research... Read More


Kalae All Day ft. YC the Cynic - Datura-Stramonium [Stream & Download]

Commonly known as jimsonweed Datura-Stramonium is (in)famous for its hallucinogenic properties, as well as its poisonous effects at high doses. Similarly intoxicating but less likely to land you in the hospital, Kale All... Read More


YC the Cynic ft. Rapper Big Pooh, King Mez & Chaundon - More and More (Remix) [Stream & Download]

Did YC the Cynic‘s More and More leave you wanting, well, more, when it hit the Booth back in February? Well, your wish is the Bronx emcee’s command. Today, the record returns in officially-remixed form. On this... Read More


Jah C & Jaison Spain ft. Homeboy Sandman, YC The Cynic & Kalae Allday - Rebel Nation [Stream & Download]

Introduced to our pages via August’s I Thought You Knew, Jah C and Jaison Spain are back with one more fresh leak off their forthcoming collaborative street album. On Rebel Nation, Jah gets adrenaline pumping on the... Read More


Audible Doctor ft. Various Artists - Stayin’ Busy (Remix) [Stream & Download]

The Audible Doctor hasn’t stepped into the Booth with a new feature since May, but rest assured the Big Apple beatsmith’s been Stayin’ Busy—really busy, considering the work that must have gone into... Read More

compound-0504114 & I Am… Productions Present: The Compound, Live at Public Assembly [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- and I Am... Productions have joined forces to present The Compound, a live showcase featuring some of the game's hottest up-and-coming talents. Going down the evening of Thursday, May 26, at... Read More


YC The Cynic - Exclusive SXSW Interview [Video]

In mid-March, emerging artists and hip-hop heavyweights alike gathered in Austin, Texas for the 25th annual South by Southwest festival, which included an all-star showcase sponsored by (Click here to read our... Read More


YC The Cynic ft. Soul Khan, Von Pea, & Sene - More And More [Stream & Download]

Before his new Fall FWD mixtape drops on March 1, Freestyle Series alum YC The Cynic drops the posse cut More and More.  The song, produced by J57, features guest bars from Booth regulars Soul Khan, Von Pea (of Tanya... Read More


YC the Cynic ft. Homeboy Sandman & Niles - Suicide [Stream & Download]

On ‘93 cut How U Get a Record Deal, Big Daddy Kane told rivals “Steppin’ to me is Suicide,” and went on to prove it, spitting bar after bar of scorching punchline lyricism. Though the fact that Kane himself is... Read More


YC The Cynic - Satriani [Stream & Download]

The 198th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of YC The Cynic, the Bronx native who earned reader approval for Summertime High and Say Superman. On his brand new, exclusive Satriani freestyle, the... Read More


YC the Cynic Spits “Satriani” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- YC The Cynic, the Bronx native who earned reader approval for "Summertime High" and "Say Superman," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 198th entry in our Freestyle Series. On his brand... Read More


YC The Cynic - Summertime High [Stream]

Is it Opposite Day or something? Uh… never mind; I’m pretty sure there’s no possibility of getting a straight answer to that question. The point I’m getting around to is that Bronx up-and-comer YC The... Read More


YC the Cynic - Say Superman [Stream]

Rejecting the values traditionally attached to wealth, possessions, power and fame, the Ancient Greek Cynics were an unconventional group of philosophers whose ideas still run (extremely) counter to the status quo. Though... Read More