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Yelawolf Undergoes “Blood Art” Suicide, Say Hello to Michael Wayne Atha [Feature ]

Despite all of his talent, Yelawolf has had a difficult career. After years of honing his craft in the underground, Yela signed a record deal with Eminem’s Shady Records and Interscope for his debut album... Read More


We May Buy Their Art, But We Don’t Own Artists [Feature ]

Everything Kanye does triggers an avalanche of articles—that man's singlehandedly kept some thinkpiece writers employed—and so, of course, his recent hospitalization and tour cancellation have provoked... Read More


Slumerican You: Yelawolf’s Transition Into Country-Rap Perfection [Feature ]

The first time Yelawolf’s voice ever entered my life was through a snarling verse on “You Ain’t No DJ” off Big Boi’s solo album Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son Of Chico... Read More


Yelawolf Eases Up Confederate Flag Defense on “To Whom It May Concern” [Feature ]

There are a lot of things that you can use hip-hop to defend. Politics, social institutions, your right to party; all are acceptable subject matter within the lexicon of rap music. One topic that typically isn't... Read More


Yelawolf on Critics, Country Roots & His “Best Friend” Eminem (Video Interview) [Feature ]

I don't know Yelawolf.  Over the years we've crossed paths a few times. DJBooth exclusively put out his Trunk Muzik mixtape - the original Trunk Muzik that was later repackaged as Trunk Muzik 0-60... Read More


Rittz - LAF (Remix) ft. Yelawolf, Royce Da 5’9” & KXNG CROOKED [Stream]

What happens when Strange Music, Slumerican, Shady and Slaughterhouse get together? Oh, just a remixed version of Rittz’ LAF, a Matic Lee-produced single off his 2014 album Next to Nothing, which now features guest... Read More


Yelawolf - Johnny Cash [Stream]

Five weeks removed from the release of his Love Story, Yelawolf is pressing on with the promotion of the best that his album has to offer. The next single up is Johnny Cash, an introspective, honest effort that is produced by... Read More


Yelawolf - Best Friend ft. Eminem [Stream]

Update: The Spidy-directed visuals for Yelawolf’s Best Friend single have been added. Judging by his recent output, including his previous feature, American You, Yelawolf‘s upcoming second studio album, Love... Read More


Yelawolf - Love Story [Album]

We've been doing these "1 Listen Reviews" for a hot minute now - Yoh did one for Young Thug's new album just today - and for each and every one I've done, I've had an opinion, an... Read Full Review


“I Feel Like I Can Die”: Yelawolf on the Making of His “Love Story” Album [Feature ]

In the summer of 2011 it was beginning to feel like Yelawolf was knocking on the door of superstardom. His Trunk Muzik project had exploded, resulting in a booming legion of fans, a signing to Interscope and a seat at the... Read More


Yelawolf - American You [Stream]

Update: The visuals for Yelawolf’s American You single have been added. In just under a month, Yelawolf will release his sophomore major label album. To help further build up excitement and anticipation for what... Read More


Yelawolf - Whiskey in a Bottle [Stream]

Update: The Mike Mihail-directed visuals for Yelawolf’s Whiskey In a Bottle single have been added. Fresh off earning Booth acclaim for Down, his explosive contribution to Shady XV, Yelawolf bounces back with a brand... Read More


Yelawolf - Down [Stream]

Eminem is hip-hop’s King Arthur, so that would make his Shady Records artist roster the Knights of the Round Table. Even though he’s been fairly quiet, we can argue that Yelawolf is Shady’s Lancelot, the... Read More


Yelawolf ft. Travis Barker - Till It’s Gone (Acoustic) [Stream]

Yelawolf may have made a name for himself as a rapper but, as those who have followed him since the beginning know, he’s as comfortable singing over a set of bluesy guitar chords as he is at lacing 808 rhythms with... Read More


Eminem x Slaughterhouse x Yelawolf - Shady XV Cypher [Stream]

Do you hate hip-hop? Then today is a terrible day for you. For the rest of us, those who love hip-hop like it gave birth to us, today is literally a landmark day in hip-hop history. The new Shady XV Cypher video is here,... Read More


Yelawolf - Till It’s Gone [Stream]

UPDATE: A new, full video for Yelawolf’s current single Till It’s Gone has been added. Warning, semi-NSFW. Yelawolf‘s promised that his upcoming Love Story album will sound like nothing else in hip-hop,... Read More


Yelawolf - Primus Freestyle [Stream]

Yelawolf has never been big on respecting genre boundaries—I mean, he did record an EP with Travis Barker—but his latest feature may feature his most eccentric cocktail of sounds to date. For those wondering what inspired... Read More


Rittz ft. Yelawolf & Shawty Fatt - Profit [Stream]

For the past 12 months and change we’ve heard Next to Nothing from Rittz. Sure, he’s dropped by for the occasional guest appearance, but that’s pretty thin gruel compared to the volume of content he’s... Read More


Yelawolf - Honey Brown [Stream]

Whereas your typical rapper might go for Patrón, Hennessey or top-shelf champagne, Yelawolf is more comfortable knocking back a cup of Honey Brown lager. On his latest feature, a promo cut unattached to his major label... Read More


Yelawolf - Box Chevy 5 [Stream]

Not up to speed on Yelawolf‘s Box Chevy saga? Here’s a quick summary, so you can jump right into part 5: the Alabama native had a classic Chevrolet back in the day, which he f**king loved. As he got richer, he... Read More


Mickey Factz ft. Yelawolf - Zen [Stream]

Last heard responding to Kanye‘s infamous Zane Lowe interview on September loosie The New Rockstars, Mickey Factz returns to our pages with single numero uno off his next full-length. As you’d expect based on its... Read More


Yelawolf ft. Paul Wall - Hustle [Stream]

Lately, reader fave Yelawolf‘s been sitting on already-record album Love Story, the 2014-bound follow-up to debut set Radioactive. As a side effect of that decision, the Gadsden, Alabama repper hasn’t been making... Read More


Pill ft. Yelawolf - I’m Hard [Stream]

Diamonds, asphalt, the motorcycle level in Battletoads for the NES—all extremely hard, but they might as well be feather pillows compared to Pill. On I’m Hard, his first feature since August 2012’s Ain’t... Read More


Yelawolf - Trunk Muzik Returns [Album]

Back on January 1, 2010, The DJBooth hosted Trunk Muzik, an independently-released street album from an Alabama emcee named Yelawolf. Fast forward 50 or so features over three plus years and the artist born Michael Wayne... Read More


Yelawolf ft. A$AP Rocky & Big Henry - Gangster [Stream]

While many rappers would have you believe that they were Gangster since they came out the uterus, the truth is that G’s are largely products of the cold world in which they came up. On Yelawolf‘s latest mixtape... Read More


Yelawolf - F.A.S.T RIDE [Stream]

Earlier this month, the Booth’s own DJ Z coined the term “space street banger” to describe the eclectic style Yelawolf and WillPower exhibited on Trunk Muzik Returns lead single Way Out. Now that the Alabama-repping... Read More


Yelawolf - Way Out [Stream]

Nothing helps an artist get the word out about a new project more than a blazing hot lead single, and nobody knows this better than the Shady/Interscope young gun, Yelawolf. On the lead single off Trunk Muzik Returns (the... Read More


Travis Barker x Yelawolf - Funky Sh*t [Stream]

Understandably, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker will not be joining his band on their upcoming Australian tour, admitting recently that he has yet to get over the horrific plane crash he experience in 2008, which claimed the... Read More


A$AP Rocky ft. Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Yela, Danny Brown, Action Bronson & Big KRIT - 1 Train [Stream]

Quick: list off seven of the hottest new emcees to emerge in the last few years. If you’re anywhere near my wavelength, your list will look a lot like the lineup of A$AP Rocky‘s latest single. Following the... Read More


Travis Barker & Yelawolf ft. Tim Armstrong - 6 Feet Underground [Stream]

The previous singles off Yelawolf and Travis Barker‘s newly-released collaborative EP, Whistle Dixie and Push Em, saw the Gadsen, Alabama rhymesayer combining his grimy, aggressive aesthetic with the Blink-182... Read More


Yelawolf x Travis Barker - Psycho White EP [Album]

Gadsen, Alabama rhymesayer Yelawolf (a performer in the Booth's recent A3C showcase) has joined forces with Blink-182 drummer-turned solo hitmaker Travis Barker to create a new, genre-bending collaborative EP. Psycho White... Read More


Yelawolf x Travis Barker - Whistle Dixie [Stream]

Yelawolf may be “Country Fresh” and proud of it, but those looking for a straightforward down-South anthem may be disappointed in Whistle Dixie, the latest single off his collaborative set with Travis Barker. Those... Read More


Yelawolf x Travis Barker - Push Em [Stream]

A few years ago, when Yelawolf was just beginning to build his buzz, the Alabama native had to overcome the hurdle of looking more like a tattooed punk rocker than your typical rapper. Now that he’s established himself... Read More


Tech N9ne, Yelawolf & More Rock DJBooth’s A3C (Video Wrap-Up) [Feature ]

Last week The DJBooth and SupaHotBeats delivered one of the dopest shows you'll ever see with the likes of Tech N9ne, Yelawolf, Rittz, Emilio Rojas and many more at the A3C Music Festival. But if you missed all the action... Read More


Tech N9ne, Yelawolf & a Stage-Diving Gumby Rock DJBooth’s A3C Stage (Pics) [Feature ]

Last weekend some of hip-hop's best joined The DJBooth and our partner SupaHotBeats for one hell of an A3C stage that included Tech N9ne, Yelawolf, a stage-diving gumby and much more. If you couldn't make it down to Atlanta... Read More


The Road to A3C: Yelawolf [Feature ]

The DJBooth is proud to announce that the Yelawolf will be rocking on our stage for this year's A3C Festival in Atlanta. Envision a humid world of slow-rolling Monte Carlos and slaughter houses; meth labs and rusting... Read More


Tech N9ne, Yelawolf & More to Appear at DJBooth x SupaHotBeats A3C Showcase [Feature ]

Over the last two years, Atlanta's A3C Festival has emerged as the nation's premier hip-hop festival, and this year promises to be even bigger and better. Following last year's success, The DJBooth has teamed up with... Read More


Stevie Stone ft. Yelawolf - Dollar General [Stream]

To be clear, we here at The DJBooth in no way advocate robbing a Dollar General store…but before you do, you might just want to watch Stevie Stone‘s latest video. Built off a darkly pacing beat from WillPower (for... Read More


Yelawolf ft. Rittz - Growin’ Up in the Gutter [Stream]

You don’t need to be dark-skinned and living in the inner-city projects to experience the cruelty this world has to offer. Though he himself came up amid struggle and poverty, Yelawolf reminds us that one’s life... Read More


Yelawolf - Heart of Dixie [Album]

On the heels of his major label debut Radioactive, Shady Records artist Yelawolf has released of his new free album, Heart of Dixie (This Ain’t No F**kin Mix Tape). The DJ Frank White-hosted and M16-produced project,... Read More


Yelawolf - Let Me Out [Stream & Download]

In a recent interview Yelawolf said that he was disappointed in Interscope’s lack of support for his radio friendly debut album. After all, he named the album Radioactive, and the label didn’t do much to up the... Read More


Cisco Adler ft. Yelawolf, Dirt Nasty & Johnny Polygon - Lemonade [Stream]

I thought Gucci Mane had cornered the market on rap songs titled Lemonade, but Malibu native Cisco Adler, who we last heard delivering some yuletide cheer on Silent Night 2011, proves there’s more enough room in the game... Read More


Yelawolf - Thank You [Freestyle] [Stream]

Early this month, Yelawolf checked into a Wisconsin hospital due to a ruptured spleen. Though his condition was critical when arrived, the Gadsden-repping Booth fave has made an almost complete recovery in the three... Read More


Yelawolf x Ed Sheeran - Faces [Stream]

Yelawolf‘s ascent to prominence in the game was by no means an easy or straightforward one. In addition to the ever-present industry B.S., he’s had to contend with a public slow to grasp his multi-layered musical... Read More


Rittz ft. Yelawolf - Sleep at Night [Video]

As he prepares to release his White Jesus: Revival project on March 8, Slumerican representer Rittz returns to the original White Jesus for his latest video Sleep At Night. Also featuring Yelawolf, Sleep at Night is proof... Read More


Yelawolf - Marijuana [Video]

While he continues to push his new Radioactive album, Yelawolf reaches back to his previous Trunk Muzik: 0-60 album on his new video Marijuana, a video that’s exactly as THC-soaked as the title would suggest. Produced... Read More


Yelawolf & Ed Sheeran - You Don’t Know (For F**k Sake) [Stream]

A lot of critics of Yelawolf’s debut album Radioactive, myself not included, were disappointed that Catfish Billy didn’t make fourteen different versions of Pop the Trunk, but Yela’s never been one to listen to the... Read More


Yelawolf ft. Kid Rock - Let’s Roll [Video]

Yelawolf brings on Kid Rock for some six-pack drinking and ATV riding for his new video, Let’s Roll. For more from the Shady Records representative, be sure to check out his debut album Radioactive, out now. Read More


GLC ft. Cold Hard, Yelawolf & The Carps - Empty Town [Stream & Download]

It’s been a minute since last we featured GLC on the solo tip—Cold as Ice hit our front page back in October of 2010—but the Chi-town gangster has been grinding H.A.M. in the meantime, pumping out street albums... Read More


Ace Hood ft. Busta Rhymes & Yelawolf - Sh*t Done Got Real [Stream]

Can’t front, Ace Hood is tapping into the savage beast inside him on this one. Finding ways to maintain consistency and maintain his place in the spotlight, the Def Jam emcee digs into the other, OTHER side of himself... Read More


Yelawolf - Radioactive [Album]

With the possible exception of promiscuous sex, nothing good happens overnight. While it may seem like Yelawolf’s gone from virtual unknown to Eminem protégé overnight, the man’s actually been at this hip-hop thing for... Read Full Review


Yelawolf ft. Gangsta Boo & Eminem - Throw It Up [Stream]

Before Juicy J and Project Pat were on reality shows, they were consistently providing trunk-rattling music crunk enough to create riots. If the #Occupy folks had Tear Da Club Up ’97 constantly playing, I don’t think the... Read More


Yelawolf ft. T.I. & Slaughterhouse - Hard White (Remix) [Stream]

When Yelawolf isn’t scaring MGK out of beefs, he is preparing for his Shady Records debut album, Radioactive. While we are all familiar with Yela’s debut single Hard White, it doesn’t hurt to add labelmates... Read More


Yelawolf ft. Kid Rock - Lets Roll [Stream]

While Yelawolf‘s sound and swagger are unmistakably his own, the Alabama repper certainly isn’t the first one to mix a little country-rock flavor into his hip-hop. On the follow-up to lead selection Hard White (Up... Read More


Eminem ft. Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf - Shady 2.0 Cypher (Uncut) [Stream]

Missed the 2011 BET Awards Tuesday night? Confused about why everyone on Twitter is saying “Hi” to Rihanna all of a sudden? has your back—today, we’re proud to present one of the highlights of the... Read More


Yelawolf ft. Lil Jon - Hard White (Up in the Club) [Video]

Shady Records representer Yelawolf follows up his Booth approved banger Hard White with an appropriately hard charging video. Also featuring Lil Jon, this is a visual proof that if you party with Yela, you better come ready... Read More


Yelawolf Announces “Hard White” Tour Dates [ Exclusive] [Feature ]

Gadsden, Ala. -- Alabama-repping Booth fave Yelawolf is giving us the exclusive first look at the schedule for this fall's Hard White Tour. Hitting 24 venues in cities across the country, the tour will find Catfish Billy... Read More


Yelawolf - No Hands [Video]

After a behind-the-scenes preview, Yelawolf and Compex Media combine to release the video for No Hands. In addition to being the next single off Yela’s Radioactive album, No Hands also serves as a teaser for the... Read More


Yelawolf Jumps “In the Mix” [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- If had a back and hands, well, it would be a person and not a website--regardless, there'd be some serious patting going on right now. What for? For jumping on the Yelawolf bandwagon way back in... Read More


Yelawolf x Complex Media - No Hands (Behind the Scenes) [Video]

Complex Media and Ubisoft collaborated with recording artist Yelawolf on the music video for his new song, No Hands, from his upcoming LP, Radioactive. A teaser behind the scenes video was released today, and the full music... Read More


Travis Barker ft. Yelawolf, Twista, Busta Rhymes & Lil Jon - Let’s Go [Stream]

Considering Travis Barker‘s solo debut dropped way back in March, those who have yet to pick up the project can be safely categorized as slowpokes. Fortunately, the latest single off the project should be just the thing... Read More


STS ft. Yelawolf - Hello Sunshine [Stream]

Everyone thinks rappers are a hard bunch, but in truth your favorite emcees can be cuddlier than a balloon full of puppies, sweeter than an ocean of gum drops and nicer than Mr. Rogers on Valium. Sometimes even emcees like... Read More


Yelawolf ft. Lil Jon - Hard White (Up in the Club) [Stream]

Can it really be? Has Yelawolf set aside his prodigious talent and one-of-a-kind style in order to pursue a career of homogeneous club hits? Nah—but I scared you a little there, didn’t I? Despite the title and the Lil... Read More


Big K.R.I.T. ft. Yelawolf - Happy Birthday Hip Hop [Stream & Download]

They say good things come to those who wait, and while I don’t know who “they” are, and “they” are usually wrong, when it comes to Big K.R.I.T. time might just be on his side. We haven’t heard much from Krizza... Read More


Yelawolf - Daddy’s Lambo [Video]

DJBooth regular Yelawolf takes a Beverly Hills’ chicks Daddy’s Lambo for a little spin in his latest video. For Lambo and more dope hip-hop from the Shady Records signee be sure to cop his Trunk Muzik: 0-60... Read More


Yelawolf - Kill My Nightmare [Stream]

As a child, certain things would always creep me out. For example, mom would tell the Mexican folk legend La Llorena when I wasn’t following the rules. Fast forward to 2010 and I’m playing Yelawolf’s video for Pop The... Read More


YelaWolf & B.o.B - It’s a Party [Stream]

Hey, Booth readers, want to party with two of the most talented Southern emcees in the game? Of course you do; who wouldn’t. For those who aren’t personal friends with Yelawolf and B.o.b, unreleased record... Read More


Tech N9ne ft. Various Artists - Worldwide Choppers [Stream]

If you’re a fan of breakneck flows, you’ve probably daydreamed at one point or another about the dopeness that would ensue if a grip of the game’s fastest spitters got together on one ensemble cut. Well,... Read More