New Ying Yang Twins Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


T.I., Shawty Lo & The Importance of Bankhead to Atlanta’s Rap Scene [Feature ]

Cell phones record as kids dance in the streets, dance in the schools, dance on the ceilings; dancing anywhere they can plant their feet with the dream of going viral twinkling in their eyes. All the dance moves taking over... Read More


Ying Yang Twins & Mr. Collipark on the Past, Present & Future of Crunk [Feature ]

Subscribe to DJBooth on YouTube "From the windows, to the walls!!!" Even if you didn't quite know what it meant, the refrain was seemingly all you heard in 2003, when Lil Jon introduced the world to the Ying Yang... Read More


Pyramid Scheme x Ying Yang Twins - Thundercat [Stream]

ATL production duo Pyramid Scheme has released Thundercat, a thunderous collaborative single with the Ying Tang Twins. This club-ready record, released by indie Mad Decent, is currently available for digital download at... Read More


Maejor ft. Ying Yang Twins & Waka Flocka Flame - Tell Daddy [Stream]

First he was Bei Maejor; then he was Maejor Ali. Now, the Detroit singer, songwriter and producer has scaled down to the simple, yet elegant “Maejor.” Brandon Green may be a man of many names, but his preoccupations are... Read More


Ying Yang Twins x Stop Sign Tandy - Where Did You Get That Ass? [Stream]

Do our genetics determine our fate, or are we shaped by our environment—or is it a little bit of both? Long discussed by experts from diverse fields of study, that question is the basis of the latest feature from crunk... Read More


Ying Yang Twins ft. Greg Tecoz - Fist Pump, Jump, Jump [Stream]

Want to cut a rug, but find the Dougie a little too complex? The Ying Yang Twins have a dance for you. On this freshly-released promo single, RedOne, Alex P. and Ike Dirty come together to craft a body-moving synth... Read More


Bubba Sparxx ft. Ying Yang Twins - Ridiculous [Stream & Download]

Following last week’s Boomerang, the Ying Yang Twins are back, this time letting Bubba Sparxxx take the lead in Ridiculous, the second featured cut off of Mr. Collipark Presents: Can I Have the Club Back, Please. Producer... Read More


Ying Yang Twins - Boomerang [Stream & Download]

When I was just a fresh-faced young lad with an NES addiction, I pestered my parents into buying me a plastic Boomerang, only to find that actually getting the damn thing to return was nowhere near as simple as The Legend of... Read More


Ying Yang Twins ft. Mr. Collipark - Da Bubble Butt [Stream]

Good news for fans of club music and big ol’ asses! The now-unsigned Ying Yang Twins have reunited with CEO/beatsmith Mr. Collipark (a frequent collaborator during their TVT days) to bring Experience Unlimited’s... Read More


Lil Haze ft. Ying Yang Twins - Whut It Iz [Stream]

22-year old Birmingham, Alabama MC Lil’ Haze might have just released the very song that could put his city on the mainstream hip-hop map for good.  Whut It Iz has everything a Southern artist would need to make a... Read More


Ying Yang Twins - Drop [Stream]

Since the Ying Yang Twins parted ways with Mr. ColliPark, they’ve released two new singles (Freak and Wham Boom Bam).  While both sound very similar to their earlier work, neither have caught on like their... Read More


Ying Yang Twins - Wham Boom Bam [Stream]

After leaving Collipark Music, following the abysmal sales of Chemically Imbalanced, the Ying Yang Twins knew they had to prove to their fans that they’re still the same Whistle While You Twerk fellas.  On Wham... Read More


Ying Yang Twins - Freak [Stream]

“So Ying Yang, whatcha gonna do since you no longer signed with Collipark?” This is the question posed in the opening verse of Freak, the first single from the Ying Yang Twins since parting ways with long-time... Read More


Ying Yang Twins - Jack It Up [Stream]

Trying their hand at the pre-holidays music-release crap shoot, the Ying Yang Twins look to capitalize once again on their popularity with indie-giant, TVT Records, and move units of their brand new album: Chemically... Read More


Ying Yang Twins ft. Wyclef - Dangerous [Stream]

Straight from the guys who brought you the classic party single, Whistle While You Twerk, the Ying Yang Twins are back and so ever Dangerous.  Produced by former Fugees member, Wyclef, the single’s rap/rock sound... Read More


Ying Yang Twins & Wyclef are “Dangerous” [Feature ]

New York, NY - Longtime Ying Yang Twins producer Michael "Mr. Collipark" Crooms has teamed with rapper/producer Wyclef Jean and his cousin Jerry "Wonda" Duplessis to executive produce the fifth Ying Yang Twins album 2 LIVE... Read More