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Young Buck is Still Making Music, Announces Release Date for ‘10 Toes Down’ Album [Feature ]

Former G-Unit rapper Young Buck it set to release 10 Toes Down, his first proper album drop in nearly seven years, on Friday, June 30.   #Repost‼️PRE-ORDER... Read More


Young Buck - WTF [Stream]

On a new loosie, veteran G-Unit rapper Young Buck says WTF, addressing the current state of hip-hop over the street-ready boardwork of producer BANDPLAY. The Cashville representative is currently putting the finishing touches... Read More


Obie Trice - Dealer ft. Young Buck & Tone Tone [Stream]

Gearing up for the release of his new album next month, Obie Trice has released the Millz-produced Dealer. A follow-up to previous single Good Girls, the record features former G-Unit collaborator Young Buck and fellow... Read More


Young Buck - Myself ft. Jadakiss [Stream]

Young Buck continues his mission to release ten mixtapes by the end of the year, and lets loose a brand new banger off of his next project, 10 Pints. Entitled Myself, the record is not a solo affair, as the headliner is... Read More


Young Buck - Proud Of You [Stream]

Already having dropped off two mixtapes this year (out of a promised 10), 10 Bullets and Before The Beast, Young Buck is already prepping the release of his third project with DJ Whoo Kid in 2015, 10 Bricks. The project hits... Read More


Young Buck - Drug Money ft. 50 Cent & Troy Ave [Stream]

On a single featured back in October, G-Unit assured listeners that they were All About the Drug Money. Fast-forward four months and, sure enough, Drug Money remains at the forefront of Young Buck’s mental. On his new promo... Read More


Young Buck - Before The Beast EP [Album]

Early next month, G-Unit will release a brand new EP, entitled The Beast Is G-Unit. To tide fans over while they patiently wait for the project, veteran G-Unit member Young Buck has dropped off Before The Beast. The quick... Read More


Young Buck - Count Me Out [Stream]

Young Buck has traversed as many valleys as peaks over the course of his tumultuous career, but every time the haters declared his career dead he ultimately came back stronger than ever. As the Nashville mainstay puts it on a... Read More


Young Buck ft. Cap 1 - Gas Up [Stream]

Whether he’s stacking paper or smoking sour diesel, Young Buck isn’t one for half measures; as the G-Unit rhymesayer puts it on his latest feature, “I ain’t got no brakes.” Gas Up finds Buck trading... Read More


Ca$his ft. Young Buck, Project Pat & Sullee J. - Work [Stream]

Ca$his hasn’t made a headlining appearance in the Booth since blessing our front page with Imma Hustla (West Coast Remix) more than a year ago, but don’t take that to mean he’s been sleeping on the job. On... Read More


Young Buck ft. Jigg - I’m a Warrior [Stream]

If you’re familiar with the trajectory of Young Buck‘s career to date, you already know that the Nashville street mainstay is a fighter. Those who need a little reminder, on the other hand, need look no further... Read More


Young Buck ft. 50 Cent & Tony Yayo - Bring My Bottles [Stream]

On Saturday, Nashville street mainstay Young Buck unleashed I’m a Warrior, a whip-ready loosie featuring guest bars from Miami’s Jigg. As the lack of a link indicates, we haven’t featured it yet, but... Read More


G-Unit - Ahhh Sh*t [Stream]

UPDATE: We’ve added the new Timo Alert-directed visuals for G-Unit’s Ahhh Sh*t single. Ahhh Sh*t! G-Unit is back with another fresh promo single, and this one finds 50 and company grappling with the ongoing... Read More


G-Unit - They Talked About Jesus [Stream]

At the top of June, all four members of G-Unit took the stage together at Summer Jam, contradicting statements 50 Cent and Tony Yayo had made just months earlier. Considering their fractious history, it would have been fair... Read More


Broke: From Dame Dash to Young Buck, Hip-Hop’s Financial Downfalls [Feature ]

It's been more than a year ago since I first wrote "3 Ballers Who Are Really Broke", and in that time I've probably recieved more hate mail about it than any other piece (except for maybe this one). So now that Forbes... Read More


Young Buck ft. Masspike Miles - Millionaire [Stream & Download]

Though Young Buck prides himself on being a breadwinner for his girl and his child, he realizes that his presence is priceless. Similar in theme to the artist’s last feature, Addicted, this joint finds the Southern... Read More


Young Buck - Addicted [Stream]

In a genre packed with tales of unlikely triumph over adversity, Young Buck is one of the most tenacious underdogs in the bunch. Just what is it that keeps the Southern underground mainstay coming back for more, in spite of... Read More


Trae Tha Truth ft. Young Buck - Slammin’ Doorz [Stream & Download]

“Man, I’m feelin’ so H-Town now, my n*gga. This big-ass, white-ass cup, ya na’mean.” Intros can be deceiving but, in the case of Trae the Truth‘s latest mixtape leak, the opening ad-lib tells you... Read More


Young Buck - Hood Documentary [Stream]

Where other rappers trade in stylized, embellished versions of the street life, Young Buck is one of the few who can be trusted to provide the unvarnished truth – the Hood Documentary, if you will. The latest leak off his... Read More


Young Buck - When the Rain Stops [Stream]

If there’s one rapper who knows how to weather a storm without faltering or becoming discouraged, Young Buck is the man. Through a series of setbacks that would have driven most emcees to lay down the mic and, I dunno,... Read More


Young Buck - Bike Night [Stream]

If most people in the industry went through what Young Buck has been through, it would be a wrap. I mean, did anyone think they’d be able to take Buck seriously after 50 leaked that now-infamous voice mail? However, as of... Read More


Young Buck - Who’s Winning [Stream]

I’m not going to front. A couple years ago former G-Unit soldier Young Buck was watching label boss 50 Cent do most of the winning, but it’s a new decade and Buck is determined to start claiming victory yet again (we... Read More


Young Buck - No Excuses [Stream]

Once poised to become the next big thing, former (very former) G-Unit member Young Buck has watched his career generally get put on hold because 50 so far refuses to release him from his previous contract. Tired of waiting,... Read More


Young Buck ft. The Outlawz - Bury Me Alive [Stream]

If you’re going to be buried prematurely, go for the airtight container—while asphyxiation takes 15 minutes tops (and you’re only conscious for two to four of them), dying of dehydration in a tiny, pitch-black... Read More


Young Buck ft. 8Ball & MJG - Without Me [Stream]

Though Young Buck‘s career impasse wears on, he’s already made it halfway to freedom.  Fresh off his release from Interscope Records, Buck is continuing to cater to the nationwide underground (but particularly... Read More


Metro P ft. E-40 & Young Buck - I Might Go [Stream]

Way back in February of ‘08, Metro P introduced readers to his Playboy persona with the Bobby Valentino-featuring Lavish.  Still preparing for the release of his debut studio album, the Swaggaville rapper is... Read More


Young Buck - Gotta Love It [Stream]

Since 50 Cent announced that Young Buck had been dropped from the G-Unit group, but remained signed as a solo artist, fans have been wondering whether the relationship would ever mend to the point that Buck would be able to... Read More


Young Buck - Can’t Catch Me [Stream]

As his conflict with G-Unit wears on, Young Buck isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.  Though the label likely won’t let him release another studio album till their issues are resolved, the rapper knows... Read More


Young Buck ft. Glasses Malone - My Zone [Stream]

Building off the underground acclaim they earned for their debut compilation album, Whose World Is This?, K-Salaam & Beatnick have decided to give it another go!  This time around, they’ve teamed up with... Read More


Young Buck - Did You Miss Me [Stream]

After butting heads with 50 Cent and trying (unsuccessfully) to get released from his deal with G-Unit, Young Buck decided to go back to promoting himself the underground way: dropping numerous mixtapes and performing at... Read More


Colin Munroe ft. Young Buck - I’m Fine [Stream]

Though Colin Munroe hit the scene as an Unsung Hero, it may be time to put that title to rest – we at DJBooth have been singing the North Gower native’s praises for quite a while now, and this new record should earn... Read More


DJ Haze ft. The Game & Young Buck - Hate [Stream]

On his latest single, Brooklyn’s DJ Haze has a little pent-up frustration to let out.  Who’s got him so riled up?  The ever-present haters, of course.  The appropriately-titled Hate opens with a... Read More


Young Buck - I Want It All [Stream]

Since his escape from the sinking ship known as G-Unit, Young Buck has been busy making moves behind the scenes.  Now back on his grind, the Buck looks to reincarnate his career with a string of brand new tracks and a... Read More


The Game and Friends Invade Irving Plaza for “L.A.X” Arrival [Exclusive Coverage] [Feature ]

New York, NY -- Jayceon Taylor is borderline bipolar. The same man who continually claims to have put his many so-called “beefs” to rest just can’t let bygones be bygones. Better known know to hip-hop fans as The Game,... Read More


K-Salaam & Beatnik ft. Young Buck & Sizzla - Babylon Must Be Mad [Stream]

For decades, the Rastafarian culture has been commonly associated with reggae music.  A part of this culture is the ancient city of Babylon, which has taken on a new meaning over the years as a metaphor for an oppressive... Read More


West ft. Young Buck - Hustleman [Stream]

So, you’re an up-and-coming artist ooking for a major feature on your single, but you don’t want to spend an insane amount of money to make it happen.  What’s your best bet?  Call a popular local rapper who is... Read More


C-Murder ft. Akon, Young Buck & B.G. - One False Move (Remix) [Stream]

Yesterday, C-Murder released his much-anticipated new album, Screamin’ 4 Vengeance, with little to no promotion from his label.  Despite overwhelmingly positive feedback for his Akon-assisted single, One False... Read More


The Game ft. Various Artists - Game’s Pain (Remix) [Stream]

In November of 2006, The Game contracted 24 of the industry’s top artists and recorded a mega-remix to his street single, One Blood.  Since then, the L.A. native has participated in several high-profile remixes,... Read More


Young Buck - The Taped Conversation [Stream]

On Tuesday, a lengthy phone conversation between Young Buck and 50 Cent surfaced online.  Recorded by Curtis, and featured on his website, the audio reveals an emotional Buck, pleading with his former G-Unit... Read More


Young Buck - My Interview [Stream]

For the past few weeks, the talk of the hip-hop community has been Young Buck‘s dismissal from the G-Unit group.  Always known to start trouble, G-Unit head honcho 50 Cent sat down alongside Banks and Yayo for an... Read More


Young Buck ft. The Outlawz & Snoop Dogg - Driving Down The Freeway (G-Mix) [Stream]

On April 7, 50 Cent announced to the Miss Jones Morning Show (on NYC’s premier hip-hop station Hot 97) that Young Buck had been kicked out of G-Unit.  While 50 later clarified that Buck was still on the label as a... Read More


Young Buck - It’s Not Okay [Stream]

Several weeks ago, in an interview with YoRaps!, a frustrated Young Buck stated that he had never received a single royalty check from 50 Cent during his entire tenure on G-Unit Records.  In a response to the interview,... Read More


Young Buck - Hip Hop Can’t Save Me (Freestyle) [Stream]

This past February, Lupe Fiasco‘s single Hip Hop Saved My Life was featured on the DJBooth, telling the story of a rapper’s rapid rise to the top (the single also rose to become one of our higest-rated songs... Read More


G-Unit - I Like The Way She Do It [Stream]

Listening to 50 Cent and his G-Unit crew is like watching the movie Napoleon Dynamite; at the end you either love it or hate it, but there is certainly no in-between.  Take a quick glance at the last few G-Unit features... Read More


Young Buck - All Eyes On Me [Stream]

2pac’s ’96 double album, All Eyez On Me, is arguably the greatest hip-hop album of all time.  Its 27-tracks spawned six singles, which ultimately catapulted the album to RIAA diamond certification (10x million), and... Read More


G-Unit - Ridah (Pt. 2) [Stream]

Next Tuesday, Fat Joe will release his brand new album, Elephant In The Room.  Ironically (well, not really), 50 Cent and his G-Unit crew have decided to drop their new mixtape, the aptly titled Elephant In The Sand,... Read More


Young Buck - The Strip Club [Stream]

Less than two weeks ago, DJBooth featured the Gorilla Zoe song, Work That Pole.  The feature received mixed results from our readers, but in all fairness to Zoe, a song meant to be played at a strip club just doesn’t... Read More


AllStar Cashville Prince ft. Young Buck - You Lyin’ (Remix) [Stream]

As a child my mother would always say, “tell me the truth and I promise you won’t be in trouble.”  (Anyone familiar with that magical line?)  One quick listen to Cash Money rapper Allstar Cashville Prince and... Read More


Young Buck - New York City [Stream]

Following the disappointing sales of Young Buck’s sophomore album, Buck The World, the Nashville-born MC spoke openly about his frustrations over the promotion of the album and the choices made for second and third... Read More


50 Cent ft. Young Buck & Nicole Scherzinger - Fire [Stream]

On his new single, Fire, Fiddy raps “Third time around/You know how I get down.” Wow, really?  All these years you only needed one single (In Da Club, Candy Shop) to go platinum, but on the ‘third time around’... Read More


Young Buck - Ghetto Superstar [Stream]

Before the clamoring starts that “Young Buck’s new single Ghetto Superstar is the sh*t,” please understand this is not his song.  Using production work from the Soundtrakk-produced Lupe Fiasco single, Superstar,... Read More


Young Buck Back With New Album, Clothing Line & Jewelry [Feature ]

New York, NY -- The Tennessee titan Young Buck ushers in a new brand of refreshing hip-hop with the release of "Young Buck Presents: Product Of The South" compilation featuring 615, Outlawz and more. Young Buck hot off... Read More


Ky-Mani Marley ft. Young Buck - I’m Back [Stream]

Rapper Ky-Mani Marley (yes, he is one of Bob’s many children) just released his new solo album, Radio.  While his record release is certainly a big deal, Marley is also embarking on a 50-city tour as the opening act... Read More


Young Buck & The Outlawz ft. Stormey - Ridin Down The Freeway [Stream]

Considering his criminal history, Young Buck might be better suited not spending extra time in traffic.  Having already been arrested for being in a vehicle that had an unregistered and loaded weapon, the new song Ridin... Read More


Young Buck ft. Chester Bennington - Slow Ya Roll [Stream]

Young Buck takes time away from his feverous party singles to stroll through a more introspective, almost mournful part of his life, in the song Slow Your Roll.  Buck reminisces over a Dr. Dre beat on times past and... Read More


Young Buck - Buck The World [Album]

Don't be fooled by Young Buck's appearance on the front cover of his new album, Buck The World. The slender, toned and tatted up MC graces his album art with a serious look on his face and a silent yet distinct attitude... Read Full Review


DJ Drama ft. Young Jeezy, WTK, Jim Jones, Rick Ross, Young Buck, & T.I. - Takin’ Pictures [Stream]

DJ Drama gained notoriety with his Gangsta Grillz mixtape series, but unfortunately, it has caused him some literal drama.  After being arrested in January on racketeering charges, due to releasing these... Read More


Young Buck - Get Buck [Stream]

G-Unit’s most controversial rapper, Young Buck is back with the official single, Get Buck, from his upcoming album Buck The World.  The first ten seconds of the cut make it obvious that we’re talking club banger... Read More


Young Buck ft. Kokane - Haters [Stream]

Young Buck has gone through a lot since his debut album was released in the summer of 2004.  His long awaited follow-up album, Buck The World, carries with it high expectations as previous G-Unit Records releases from... Read More


Young Buck - I Know You Want Me [Stream]

After a platinum first effort, Buck is back and looking for repeat success.  The first buzz single to emerge from the new November-ready release, Buck The World, is ‘I Know You Want Me.’  A concept... Read More