New Scolla Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Scolla ft. Skewby - Play It Cool [Stream]

As the mercury continues to fall, Scolla knows that his fans will be in the market for some stylish headgear. Today, he unveiled his new OG Cool (Red October Edition) Beanie, which is available for purchase at... Read More


Clique Tracks ft. Tokyo Daimo, Visto & Scolla - 40 Pythons [Stream]

A buzzmaking beat crew made up of producers MIDAS Is Music and JeromeVo, Clique Tracks makes its first foray into The DJBooth with newly-released promotional single 40 Pythons. Here, the headliners’ pensive, understated... Read More


Anti-Lilly & Envy Hunter ft. Scolla - Wait Till I Get Straight [Stream]

Anyone who’s chased after a big dream is familiar with the crab-in-a-bucket mentality of those who aren’t courageous enough to do the same. Anti-Lilly and EnVy Hunter are no exception, but they certainly... Read More


Scolla - Foxy Brown [Stream]

Before there was Foxy Brown the femcee, there was Foxy Brown the movie, a Blaxploitation classic starring Pam Grier. On his latest Booth feature, Scolla pays tribute to the actress and her most famous character, whom a... Read More


Scolla ft. Machine Gun Kelly - Skinny Kid [Stream & Download]

The streets aren’t kind to Skinny Kids who can’t intimidate with their physiques, but feaherweights who do manage to make it through their adolescence end up developing courage, cunning and tenacity to compensate.... Read More


PHZ-Sicks ft. Scolla & Alison Carney - The Love Scene III [Stream]

I know it’s Friday, but with PHZ-Sicks’ new single, today might as well be hump day; the other kind of hump day. Setting the mood on the steamy The Love Scene III is Stompboxx Music, who cooks up a winding, snapping... Read More


Scolla - Peace [Stream]

Motown fave Scolla has been in high demand as a guest artist lately; since late September, he’s popped up on featured cuts by Roger (Good Life), Anti-Lilly (Respiration) and Miles Marquee (Red Leather). In the meantime,... Read More


Roger ft. Scolla - Good Life [Stream]

Since its Booth-exclusive drop in late September, ROGER‘s latest street album has been racking up rave reviews from our readers. It’s only right that the Providence, Rhode Island buzzmaker celebrate his success... Read More


Anti-Lilly ft. Scolla - Respiration [Stream]

Been holding your breath in anticipation of another dope feature from Anti-Lilly? If the wait didn’t kill you, you can finally resume Respiration, as the Houston buzzmaker’s returned to our pages with a brand new... Read More


Miles Marquee ft. Scolla - Red Leather [Stream]

Way back in elementary school, we were required to take chorus as a class. Considering I am the worst singer ever, I hated it. The only good part was the goofy warm-up exercises, like saying, “Red Leather, yellow... Read More


Scolla - Foolin’ [Stream]

When selecting someone to spend forever with, it’s not always easy to distinguish the serious prospects from those who are simply out to play with your emotions. Motown phenom Scolla recently got burned by one of the... Read More


Ezko ft. Andy Gruhin, Scolla & THURZ - Wake Up [Stream]

If you’ve been sleeping on Ezko, consider this your Wake Up call. On this freshly-released promo single, his first feature on our pages, the Gaithersburg, Maryland native offers a glimpse into the mind of a young emcee... Read More


Harmony Muzik ft. Scolla - Walk on Water [Stream]

She may not literally be working miracles, but growing DJBooth regular Harmony Muzik informs listeners that know she can Walk On Water on her new single. The DMV hip-pop artist is hard at work, preparing for the release of... Read More


Scolla - The Calling [Stream & Download]

Though Scolla‘s work over the last few years has earned him a lifetime membership in the DJBooth Faves Club, with free entry to our exclusive VIP lounge (Neither of which exist outside my imagination, before you start... Read More


HavKnott Republik (Scolla & K-Bunz) - Get Away [Stream & Download]

Detroit-repping Booth favorite Scolla and fellow Motown native K-Bunz have come together to form duo HavKnott Republik. On their collaborative Booth debut (doubling as the inaugural leak off REUPSPOT‘s forthcoming... Read More


Scolla ft. Rapper Big Pooh & Big Sant - Take What’s Mine [Stream & Download]

A lot of people are content to sit back and wait for life to give them everything they desire, laying on the couch with one hand tucked into their sweatpants and the other open, just waiting for someone to fill it. Not Young... Read More


Scolla ft. Phil Adé & Gerald Walker - The Jones [Stream & Download]

Been craving some fresh tunes from Scolla? Then you’ve come to the right place. Today, the Motown fave (and freestyle alum) returns with The Jones, the latest entry in his #ScollasWebTour series. Here, the headliner... Read More


Scolla ft. QuESt & D.Julien - Even & Odds [Stream & Download]

Kicked off with the YP-assisted Can’t Go Back, Scolla‘s online “Web Tour” enters its second week with the newly-released Even & Odds. On this headphone-ready cut, Jerry Parker‘s shimmering... Read More


Devin Miles ft. Scolla - Fade (Theme Song) [Stream & Download]

When you’re looking to set the mood for a memorable night, finding the right soundtrack is a vital consideration. Just ask Devin Miles, who goes so far as to create his own Theme Song for the evening on new promo... Read More


Scolla ft. YP - Can’t Go Back [Stream & Download]

Young Scolla’s done a little growing up since last we saw him, on We Are The Tay‘s Slow Motion—for one thing, he’s dropped the “Young” from his stage name. Now going by plain old... Read More


Young Scolla - Losin Myself [Video]

As Smoking Section quoted, “We’ve all had one of those nights”. You know, the kind where you walk into the party optimistic and end up susceptible to whatever women are handing out, whether it be booze or... Read More


We Are The Tay ft. Young Scolla & The Stampede - Slow Motion [Stream & Download]

While We Are The Tay currently resides in Atlanta, the up-and-coming beatsmith’s roots are in Detroit. Thus, it’s only appropriate that, on his latest single and first Booth feature, he enlists a pair of talented... Read More


Young Scolla ft. Rapper Big Pooh & Freeway - The Journey [Stream]

For those not in the know, every year Atlanta hosts the A3C hip-hop festival, bringing together a mixture of underground staples and dope relatively unknown artists for performances, workshops and politicking. During this... Read More


Young Lyxx ft. Young Scolla - When I Get Out The Studio [Stream & Download]

Fresh off the release of his latest EP, Almost There, Young Lyxx returns to our pages with a freshly-leaked cut off his forthcoming full-length. Here, a smooth beat by Booth-approved beat crew SMKA bangs in the back as the... Read More


Jackie Chain, Rittz, Jarren Benton & Young Scolla - Certified Sh*t [Video]

Jackie Chain, Young Scolla, Rittz and Jarren Benton spend a night kicking it in Atlanta and blasting some real Certified Sh*t. Off SMKA’s dope The 808 Experiment: Vol 3 compilation album, available for download here.... Read More


The Mecca Of Rhymes ft. Young Scolla & Deja Bluu - Progression [Stream & Download]

Introduced to the Booth via March’s Seven Rooms, The Mecca of Rhymes returns to our pages with a freshly-leaked cut off his forthcoming street album. On Progression, the North Carolina representative trades verses with... Read More


Jus Nice ft. Young Scolla - Free [Stream & Download]

They say that variety is the spice of life, and the same holds true for hip-hop, but I’ll still never get tired of hearing a dope flip of a soul sample and some tight rhymes, and that’s just what rising emcee Jus Nice... Read More


Miles Marquee x Jerry Parker ft. Young Scolla - Gods Plan [Stream & Download]

Though the uncertainty that comes with life as an up-and-coming artist can be disheartening, Miles Marquee pushes ever onward in the knowledge that, whatever happens, it’s all part of Gods Plan. On the final leak off... Read More


Young Scolla - Reflection [Stream]

Failing to acknowledge that Detroit has some of the most talented artists in the United States is like failing to breathe. Largely known for giving us influential legends like Jay Dee and Eminem, Detroit also has a talented... Read More


Young Scolla - Alive [Stream & Download]

After six whole days without a new feature from Young Scolla, fans of the Motown-repping Booth fave may be wondering whether the Motown-representative is still Alive and kicking. If that’s the case, allow me to reassure... Read More


Young Scolla - Losin Myself [Stream & Download]

With the release of Young Scolla and SMKA‘s collaborative album just around the corner, the emcee-producer duo return to tide fans over with one more leak off the project. On sultry banger Losin Myself, the ATL beat... Read More


Young Scolla ft. Naira - Good Ol’ Days [Stream & Download]

Though hip-hop is in the midst of big changes, even the most progressive artists are driven to stay true to that old-school vibe. On a standout cut off his forthcoming debut studio album, Young Scolla harks back todays... Read More


Suburban District ft. Young Scolla & Nickelus F - The Law [Stream & Download]

Hip-hop’s relationship with The Law hasn’t always been the coziest (to put it lightly), but a listen to Suburban Districts‘s first feature should convince heads to respect their authority. On their latest... Read More


Young Scolla - Seconds Away [Video]

For Seconds Away, the title track off Young Scolla‘s album, the Detroit up-and-comer visits the legendary Stankonia Studios for a dark and introspective look at his art. As an added bonus, fans can vote for one of the... Read More


E-Clipz ft. K-Bunz & Young Scolla - She Taken [Stream & Download]

Unlike the numerous emcees who boast of their knack for stealing other dudes’ girlfriends, E-Clipz knows that a true gentleman respects men as well as women—if She Taken, the Michigan native simply moves on to the... Read More


Young Scolla - Letter of Honesty [Stream & Download]

Seconds Away, Young Scolla‘s collaborative street release with SMKA, still has yet to receive a solid drop date, but good things come to those who wait. Today, the Motown repper (and freestyle alum) `returns with Letter... Read More


D. Julien ft. Young Scolla - Mirror Pt. 2 [Stream & Download]

Originally featured back in March, D. Julien‘s The Mirror gets the remix/single treatment on the newly-released Pt. 2. Over the pensive, boardwork of Bahama Beats, the NYC native (and freestyle series alum) is joined by... Read More


Young Scolla - “On Everything” @ SMKA’s The 808 Experiment: Vol 3 Release Party [Video]

Recently, SMKA and Blast by Colt 45 held a release party for SMKA‘s The 808 Experiment: Vol. 3. A few of the artists featured on the project performed at the event, and we have the videos. Seen here is Young Scolla,... Read More


Young Scolla ft. Machine Gun Kelly - Skinny Kid [Stream & Download]

Reviewing records like this is always a bittersweet experience. While I rave about the sheer dopeness of the song, in the back of my mind I know I have to wait months before I taste more - Young Scolla‘s Seconds Away... Read More


Casey Veggies ft. Young Scolla & Skewby - On Everything [Stream & Download]

I’m not a fan of ranch dressing, but evidently Casey Veggies is; as the Los Angeles rhymesayer himself admits on his first solo feature, the latest leak off SMKA‘s new comp album, “I put it On Everything.” OK,... Read More


Young Scolla - Round & Round [Stream & Download]

While 4/20 should be renamed to “every rapper who smokes weed drops a track day,” certain songs standout more than others, and Young Scolla’s Round and Round is the perfect example.  Produced by The Xtraordinary... Read More


Young Scolla - Two Three Flow [Stream & Download]

Wondering what happened to Young Scolla and SMKA‘s forthcoming street album, which was supposed to drop March 12? While the set is currently release date-less, the collaborators are still hard at work, and today the... Read More


Jackie Chain ft. Rittz, Jarren Benton & Young Scolla - Certified Sh*t [Stream & Download]

What could be better than a fresh new feature from the second most hilariously-named artist in history? No, not one from the first most hilariously-named artist – though I do eagerly await the return of Fidel... Read More


Young Scolla ft. Devin Miles & BrandUn DeShay - Too Cool [Stream & Download]

Young Scolla has teamed up with Pittsburgh’s Devin Miles and Chicago’s BrandUn DeShay for his new promo single, Too Cool. Produced by The University, Too Cool is not currently attached to a larger project. Read More


Young Scolla - Terrorize [Stream & Download]

When Young Scolla goes out in the evening, he doesn’t just have a good time; no, the Motown native prefers to go all-out and Terrorize the night. Why? Beats me – maybe he thinks scaring away the darkness will help... Read More


Mista Mista ft. Young Scolla & Crucial - Cheers [Stream & Download]

Since our omniscient groundhog has predicted that this cold weather is heading out of the States sooner than later (either that or he just made a rash decision so he could stop freezing and go back into his hole), why not... Read More


Young Scolla - Built for It [Stream & Download]

Thought Booth favorite Young Scolla sounded confident on his last feature, the Lyriciss-assisted On My Way? Well, you ain’t heard nothing yet; on new single Built for It, the freestyle alumnus graduates from... Read More


PHZ-Sicks, Young Scolla & Seanny Greggs “Point ‘Em Out” for DJBoothTV [Feature ]

DJBooth favorites Young Scolla and Seanny Greggs join PHZ-Sicks to hunt down wack emcees and Point Em Out. Off PHZ' new mixtape, The Laws of PHZ-Sicks, hosted by DJBooth's sister site RefinedHype and available for direct... Read More


Young Scolla & SMKA Seek Grassroots Funding for New Album [Video] [Feature ]

Atlanta, Ga. -- Young Scolla, the Motown buzzmaker (and freestyle series alum) last heard on leaked cut "On My Way," and ATL production crew SMKA are taking an outside-the-box approach to securing funds for their forthcoming... Read More


Young Scolla ft. Lyriciss - On My Way [Stream & Download]

On Success/Failure, featured last week, Booth favorite Young Scolla joined forces with PHZ-Sicks to do battle with self-doubt and insecurity. Looks like the Motown native succeeded in dispatching those pesky inner demons; on... Read More


Young Scolla Chronicles A3C Experience in New Video [Feature ]

Atlanta, Ga. -- On October 7-9, many of hip-hop's hottest emerging talents gathered in ATL for 2010's A3C festival, which included a star-studded showcase sponsored by none other than (click here to read Sig's... Read More


Exclusive A3C Video Interview: Young Scolla [Feature ]

Atlanta, Ga. -- On October 7-9, many of hip-hop's hottest emerging talents gathered in ATL for 2010's A3C festival, which included a star-studded showcase sponsored by none other than (click here to read Sig's... Read More


Young Scolla & Big Soj - For Mama [Stream & Download]

In a world where everyone’s constantly chasing their hopes and dreams, reality is a constant obstacle. We’re all not blessed enough to travel down an easy road, but thankfully fast riser Young Scolla continues to... Read More


Young Scolla - Apart [Stream & Download]

The last we heard from Detroit fast riser and DJBooth Freestyle alum Young Scolla we were left wondering what was good enough to make the final cut of his upcoming album Tears & Triumph if the Booth approved Stare... Read More


Young Scolla - Stare [Stream]

Young Scolla seems to be in damn fine spirits these days; the Motown buzzmaker’s last solo feature, Wonderful, was an ode to positivity in the face of adversity, and his recent guest verse on Aleon Craft‘s Brand... Read More


Aleon Craft ft. Young Scolla &  Mikkey Halsted - Brand New Day [Stream]

Resting on one’s laurels can be a dangerous thing, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a moment to celebrate how far you’ve come – especially when the result of said celebration is as dope as Brand New... Read More


Young Scolla - Wonderful [Stream]

Today hasn’t exactly been eventful, as all I did was drink copious amounts of water to recover from my actions during a very happy birthday weekend (22…yeah, getting old). While I was guzzling down my two-liter Smart... Read More


Young Scolla Jumps “In the Mix” [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Definition of “young”: being in the first or early stage of life. Definition of “scholar”: one who has profound knowledge of a particular subject. Most people can be described as being either one or... Read More


Young Scolla - Venting [Stream & Download]

The 158th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of Young Scolla, the Detroit native who recently brought us mixtape leak Gimme a Sign. On his brand new, exclusive, Venting freestyle, the Fab 5 ENT/USR emcee... Read More


Young Scolla Spits “Venting” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- Young Scolla, the Detroit native recently heard on mixtape leak "Gimme a Sign," has stepped into the Booth to bring our Freestyle Series out of hiatus with entry #158. On his brand new, exclusive... Read More


Young Scolla ft. Boaz & S. Money - Gimme a Sign [Stream]

A potluck is a gathering of people where each person or group of people contributes a dish of food to be shared among the group. While I can’t take credit for that definition (thanks Bing), the word itself can be easily... Read More


Young Scolla - Decisions [Stream]

I’ll be honest. I had heard Detroit microphone controller Young Scolla before, most recently on the Booth approved Get By – but I didn’t truly appreciate the man’s skills and artistic vision until I heard Decisions.... Read More


Young Scolla - Get By [Stream]

After hearing Young Scolla‘s Booth debut, If I Was With You (featured back in summer ‘09), readers could be forgiven for assuming that the Detroit up-and-comer was an R&B singer who could rap but, in reality,... Read More


Young Scolla - If I Was With You [Stream]

Every relationship is different, but true love always seems to start the same way: two people meet, they hit it off, their brains turn into amphetamine factories, and they go temporarily insane.  Yep, I’m a... Read More