New YP Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


YP - Untitled [Album]

YP fans rejoice! In advance of its official release, DJBooth is hosting a pre-release listening session for the Chicago emcee's forthcoming project, Untitled. As its name suggests, Untitled is all about the music, showcasing... Read More


YP - Indica ft. Caleb James [Stream]

Looking for a little something to freshen up your blunt-rolling playlist? YP’s latest feature should be just what the doctor ordered. On this freshly released EP cut, he and his fellow Windy City repper, Caleb James, light... Read More


YP - Let Us Pray [Stream]

Brace yourselves, Boothgoers; YP‘s latest feature is probably the realest thing you’re gonna hear all day. On Let Us Pray, the Chicago buzzmaker gives us a raw and unfiltered glimpse into his mental. Notably, he... Read More


YP - Thinkin Bout [Stream]

YP‘s been engaged in some heavy cogitation lately. What’s he been Thinkin Bout, you ask? Rather than filling this space with an exhaustive list, I’ll just encourage you to hit play on his latest promo... Read More


YP ft. KAM & Sulaiman - Take Flight [Stream]

YP doesn’t need a boarding pass or an aircraft in order to Take Flight; he simply rolls a blunt, lights it up, and he’s 40,000 feet in the air. On a freshly-minted standout off his latest mixtape, the Chicago... Read More


K.M. tha Original ft. YP - The Rush [Stream]

While most hustlers are in the game chiefly to better their financial situations, for some the exhilaration of living in the edge becomes an end in itself. On his current street single and first Booth feature, Chicago... Read More


DJ MoonDawg x YP - Greatness aka Ali [Stream & Download]

Chicago rapper YP might not be a professional boxer, but there are plenty of similarities between him and legendary fighter Muhammad Ali.  The lyrical haymakers that YP throws on his latest release, Greatness aka Ali,... Read More


YP - Restless [Album]

Windy City emcee YP has unveiled his latest street release, the Restless mixtape. The project follows the DJBooth-exclusive Wide Awake, released for free streaming and download at the top of the year. Heralded by... Read More


YP - Softly [Stream]

When it comes to rap, louder is almost always better. Some artists—Waka Flocka, for example—simply can’t be enjoyed at anything approaching a reasonable volume. YP‘s latest single is an exception to the rule:... Read More


YP - I Like That in You [Stream]

If you’ve listened to YP‘s previous features in the Booth, I don’t need to tell you that the Chi-Town emcee is utterly dedicated to his paper chase and deeply committed to keeping it real. It should come as... Read More


YP ft. Sir Michael Rocks - Get With the Team [Stream & Download]

YP doesn’t invite just any shawty to kick it with him and his entourage but, for those who do meet his lofty standards, the perks are well worth it. On a new street single, the unsigned spitter offers one contender a... Read More


YP - Black Sheep [Stream & Download]

The title of YP‘s latest cut might be a little off; considering his popularity in the Booth, you can hardly call the Chi-Town emcee a Black Sheep of the rap game. On the new loosie release, YP spits like the polar... Read More


YP - Wide Awake [Album]

Chicago native YP has returned to the DJBooth, this time with new project Wide Awake in hand. Included on the 13-track tape are Booth-featured standout selections "Cash" and "Let Me Know." Joining the emcee on Wide Awake... Read More


YP - Let Me Know [Stream]

Here at DJBooth we are all about feedback. Apparently, so is Chicago native YP, who wants to hear from you, our readers, on his new single, Let Me Know. Okay, so the artist isn’t referring to the comments section below,... Read More


YP - Cash [Stream & Download]

Wherever C-notes are present in copious quantities, you can be sure that YP isn’t far away. (I swear I saw him out of the corner of my eye last time I visited the bank.) On single numero uno off his next mixtape, the... Read More


YP Talks “No Doz”, Raekwon Co-Sign, Smoking With Wood Harris & More (DJBoothTV Exclusive Interview) [Feature ]

For the latest episode of "Outside the Booth", DJBoothTV's own Jacques Morels catches up with Chicago representer YP. Fresh off the release of his No Doz album, YP talks about his relentless work ethic, making music with... Read More


YP - No Doz [Album]

In December 2010, Chicago native YP released his first major mixtape, No Sleep, for free download at Now 21 months later, the recent Universal Republic signee drops his latest tape, No Doz, which features... Read More


YP - Trade It All [Stream & Download]

After taking a brief trip To The Moon just days ago, Chicago emcee YP contiues to give fans a taste of what they can expect on his upcoming mixtape No Doz thanks to his latest song release. While To The Moon was heavily... Read More


YP - To The Moon [Stream]

Hip-hop has no problem talking about strippers, groupies and prostitutes, but it’s rare that an emcee truly examines the darker side of that objectification. We can consider YP‘s To The Moon video one of those... Read More


YP - Hood Sh*t [Stream]

Craving some Hood Sh*t? YP‘s latest feature, the lead single off his next mixtape, should be just what the doctor ordered. Here, Peezy‘s bass-booming percussion and skittering electronic accents bump in the back... Read More


YP - Kick Game [Stream & Download]

The right shoes are the foundation of any fly outfit. Don’t take it from me—take it from YP, who showcases his immaculate Kick Game on the latest single off his forthcoming mixtape. Released along with official... Read More


Sid Sound ft. YP - Foreign Driver [Stream & Download]

When Booth newcomer Sid Sounddreams of high-rollerdom, exoticism is the overarching theme. On this newly-leaked album inclusion, the rapper/producer’s own head-noddable synth boardwork bangs in the back as the Chi-town... Read More


YP ft. Calliko - Let Me Smoke [Stream & Download]

This April, City of Win will be debuting their new spring/summer clothing line. To celebrate the occasion, the Windy City lifestyle brand have called up on their friends in the rap game to compose a soundtrack for the season.... Read More


Rockie Fresh & YP - Insane [Stream & Download]

The scariest thing in the world for any artist is having to choose between what makes the album and what get’s cut. In a surprising twist for Rockie Fresh, he capitalizes off of his own excess with his latest release,... Read More


YP - Who I Be [Stream & Download]

Despite an exclusive DJBooth freestyle, a string of Booth-approved releases and a free album with DJ RTC that work up a lot of sleepers and a name that’s virtually impossible to misspell, there are still some people out... Read More


Hollywood FLOSS ft. YP - Line ‘Em Up [Stream & Download]

Think you can compete with Hollywood FLOSS? Think again—on his latest single, the Houston repper Line[s] ‘Em Up just for the pleasure of knocking ‘em down one by one. Joining FLOSS over Chris... Read More


YP - Certified [Stream & Download]

As hip-hop heads are well aware, being recognized as a true G isn’t just a matter of spending four years at the University of Hard Knocks and taking home a diploma to hang on your office wall. For one thing, it’s... Read More


Grant Parks ft. Onis, Griffen, Big Homie Doe, Lungz & YP - I’m Always High [Stream]

Plenty of artists enjoy their weed, but few are as serious about their smoking habits as beatsmith Grant Parks; as he and his ganja-loving cohorts reveal on leak number two off Parks and Vudu Spellz’ collaborative... Read More


YP x DJ RTC - No Sleep [Album]

Up-and-coming emcee YP and DJ RTC, two prominent members of Chicago’s burgeoning hip-hop scene, have joined forces with and RubyHornet to bring fans their highly-anticipated new mixtape, No Sleep. The... Read More


YP ft. Rockie Fresh - What I’m On [Stream & Download]

If a dope Booth freestyle, the poignant Pray for ‘Em and cosigns from Rakewon and Q-Tip weren’t enough to convince you that YP‘s onto something, then I’m gonna have to assume that you’re on... Read More


YP Jumps “In the Mix” [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

While most of us need our seven-to-eight hours of shut-eye in order to tackle our daily responsibilities with max efficiency, certain individuals of the artistic stripe find that marathon periods of sleeplessness are just the... Read More


YP ft. Kamilah Summer - Pray for Em [Stream & Download]

In September of 2009, the nation was rocked by news that Derrion Albert, a 19-year-old student from Chicago’s South Side, had been beaten to death after inadvertently getting in the middle of a gang conflict. A little... Read More


YP Previews Booth Co-Presented “No Sleep” Mixtape in New Video [Feature ]

Chicago, Ill. -- Chi-town up-and-comer and freestyle series alumnus YP is giving fans a taste of his and DJ RTC's forthcoming, RubyHornet/ co-presented No Sleep street album in the form of the project's first... Read More


Freddie Gibbs ft. YP - Something New [Stream & Download]

In an interview with our very own DJ Z, Gary, Indiana’s finest, Freddie Gibbs, said that he refuses to be one of those rappers that drop a new low-quality record every day. Well incredibly, the DJBooth Freestyle alum has... Read More


RubyHornet Shines Spotlight on Freddie Gibbs & YP in Latest Closed Sessions Doc [Video] [Feature ]

Chicago, Ill. -- In the latest Closed Sessions documentary, RubyHornet offers fans a look into the life and career of Freddie Gibbs, the Gary Indiana buzzmaker (and exclusive freestyle series contributor) who recently earned... Read More


YP - Something in Me [Stream & Download]

The 167th entry in our Freestyle Series comes courtesy of YP, the Chi-town native previously heard on Maja 7th‘s Dance With the Devil. On his brand new, exclusive Something in Me freestyle, the... Read More


YP Spits “Something in Me” for Freestyle Series [Feature ]

New York, N.Y. -- YP, the Chi-town native previously heard on Maja 7th's "Dance With the Devil," has stepped into the Booth to bring us the 167th entry in our Freestyle Series. On his brand new, exclusive... Read More


Maja 7th ft. YP & GLC - Dance With the Devil [Stream]

If you’ve been scouring the internet this week to find out what sex in a jazz club sounds like, congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. Chicago-based newcomer YP (making his DJBooth debut today!) and G.O.O.D.... Read More