New Zion I Songs, Mixtapes & Videos


Zion I - Culture Freedom ft. Locksmith [Stream]

Update: The Andrew Elsayid-directed visuals for Zion I and Locksmith’s Culture Freedom single have been added. Though the duo of producer Amp Live and emcee Zumbi are no longer joined under one moniker, the group name... Read More


Zion I - The Sun Moon and Stars EP [Album]

After nearly 20 years as a duo, AmpLive and Zumbi of veteran Bay Area duo Zion I have announced that they will be prating ways to pursue their solo careers. That's sad news for fans of underground hip-hop, but it has a... Read More


Zion I ft. Bambu, D.U.S.T. & D Sharp - Unity (Michael Brown) [Stream & Download]

Often, a tragedy’s silver lining can be found in its power to inspire people from different backgrounds and walks of life to rally together behind a common cause. Unfortunately, not everyone in America is on the same... Read More


Zion I ft. Mr. Lif, Opio, Sadat X, Duece Eclipse & Kev Choice - Get Urs [Stream]

Libations are always better with friends; perhaps that’s why, for the latest single off their EP by that name, Zion I‘s invited their whole damn posse along for the ride. On Get Urs, AmpLive‘s jazzy,... Read More


Zion I ft. Collie Buddz - Sex Wax [Stream]

You might see the title of the latest visual from Zion I and assume the record is X-rated. What you probably don’t know is that Sex Wax is actually the name of a type of wax that surfers put on their boards. The name makes... Read More


Zion I - ShadowBoxing [Album]

Bay Area duo Zion I, comprised of MC Zumbi and producer DJ AmpLive, are back with their brand new album, ShadowBoxing. Featuring lead single We Don't and guest appearances by Goapele, The Grouch, Eligh, a special remix from... Read More


Zion I ft. The Grouch & Eligh - We Don’t [Stream & Download]

Thought Zion I were gonna hang it up anytime soon? I have no idea where you got that crazy idea but, in any case, you are as wrong as wrong can be—on their latest single (coming on the heels of lead effort Float), the Cali... Read More


Zion I x Minnesota - Float [Stream]

Although Oakland hip-hop duo Zion I have been absent from our pages since their April release of Drop It On The 1, it’s safe to say that the pair have been putting in major work. On top of preparing for the October... Read More


Z&G&E (Zion I, The Grouch and Eligh) ft. Evidence - Amp Live for President [Stream & Download]

While out on last month’s How the Grouch Stole Christmas Tour, Zumbi and Amp Live of Zion I, The Grouch and Eligh found time to come together and record new promo single Amp Live for President.  Over the titular... Read More


Zion I & The Grouch - Drop It on the 1 [Stream & Download]

With their sophomore collaborative album, rapper-producer duo Zion I and West Coast underground neighbor The Grouch join forces to become Heroes in the Healing of a Nation. Though their blueprint for national unity involves... Read More


Zion I & The Grouch ft. Silk E - Rockit Man [Stream & Download]

Released last fall, Zion I‘s acclaimed seventh full-length saw the Oakand duo exploring “...esoteric and unseen levels of existence” (to quote their In the Mix interview). Evidently, the cosmic head-trip that was... Read More


Zion I ft. Locksmith & Macklemore - Polarity [Stream & Download]

In their recent In the Mix interview Bay Area duo Zion I said that their new music would be driven by a looser, rawer energy than some of their past work, and those qualities are instantly evident on Polarity, a stand out... Read More


Zion I Jump “In the Mix” [DJBooth Interview Exclusive] [Feature ]

Time waits for no one – on the contrary, politics, technology, media and pop culture move so quickly that anything or anyone who stays in the public consciousness for longer than the proverbial 15 minutes is an exception to... Read More


Zion I ft. Rebelution - Many Stylez [Stream]

While DJBooth Freestyle alum and group member Zumbi has appeared on our pages more recently (see Infinite), it’s incredibly been almost two years since we’ve featured a new record from the Bay Area duo Zion I. So what... Read More


Lee Bannon ft. U-N-I, Talib Kweli, Zion I & Sha Stimuli - The Return pt.2 [Stream]

Back in February, Thurzday and Y.O. of U-N-I teamed up with Talib Kweli for Return, a cut that earned reader applause for the emcees’ blazing hot verses as well as Music Man producer Lee Bannon‘s narcoticly hazy... Read More


Jern Eye ft. Mistah F.A.B. & Zion I - Get Right [Stream]

As mercenary and image-driven as today’s music industry often seems, the fact remains: even the savviest marketing plan is no substitute for a compelling and unique artistic Vision. Oakland, CA native (and first-time... Read More


Zion I - The Take Over [Album]

You know how right before they execute you, you get one last meal? The prison will let you eat anything you want, as much as you want, cause f**k it, you’ll be dead soon. So I was thinking about what I’d have at my last... Read Full Review

Zion I Announce Remix Contest, Prep Exclusive “ Freestyle” [Feature ]

Oakland, CA -- Zumbi and Amplive of Zion I are planning an industry TakeOver, and they want to let listeners in on some of the spoils. Next week, the duo will be launching a "DJ DJ" remix contest; with the help of a... Read More


Zion I Drop “The Search & The Seizure” Mixtape [Free Download] [Feature ]

Oakland, CA -- Zion I, the West Coast duo whose "Juicy Juice" was recently featured in the Booth, have dropped a brand new mixtape entitled The Search & the Seizure. The set, which includes exclusive verses by Mickey Factz,... Read More


Zion I - Juicy Juice [Stream]

Kids may love 100% all-natural Juicy Juice, but they’re not the only ones sippin’ on the stuff. Oakland rap duo Zion I, composed of rapper Zumbi and producer Amplive, make a play for the sweet drink on their brand new... Read More


Zion I ft. Talib Kweli - Gotsta Chill (Temperature Remix) [Stream]

DJ Amplive and emcee extraordinaire Zumbi of Zion I have garnered a notable level of respect in both the underground and mainstream, and as the rest of the world gets hotter than hell, the duo brings a little bit of West... Read More


Zion I ft. Too Short - Don’t Lose Ya Head [Stream]

The newest duo to hop on the Bay Area bandwagon (or in this case, yellow bus) is Zion I.  Their single, Don’t Lose Ya Head, from Too $hort’s compilation album, I Love The Bay, sounds very similar to a song... Read More