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2 Chainz & Dabbin’ Santa Taught Me the True Meaning of Christmas

Stepping onto the patio, I’m greeted not by the kiss of winter’s wind but the warm breath of spring. It feels like the end of August and... Read More
Posted one month ago by Yoh

“Thot” Sues 2 Chainz for $5 Million, Does She Have a Point?

It's hard out here for a pimp. 2 Chainz, aka Tity Boi, aka Tauheed Epps is being sued for the large sum of $5 million by a woman who recently... Read More
Posted 7 months ago by Brendan V

Five 2 Chainz Songs Even The Haterz Love

The other day, I spent a good 30 minutes debating the genius of 2 Chainz with a stranger at a bar because I'm never not working.  I overheard... Read More
Posted one year ago by Lucas G.

Is a 2 Chainz Guest Verse Really Worth $100K?

As a general rule, rappers aren't shy about disclosing their finances in rhyme (real or fantasy), but even by rap standards 2 Chainz is... Read More
Posted 2 years ago by Nathan S.

Kanye West Brings Out 2 Chainz for Samsung Galaxy Note II Concert

Just when I thought major tech outlets would be reporting up-to-the-minute coverage on Appleā€™s new iPad mini for weeks on end, Kanye West Jesus... Read More
Posted 3 years ago by Ru Porter