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A-Trak Compares Lil Yachty & Quavo Kicking Bars on “Believe” to “Some Run-D.M.C. Shit”

By DJ Z | Posted August 7, 2017
"A lot of the traditionalists of hip-hop try to not give Yachty props."

A-Trak Says the Blog Era is Dead Because He’s Completely Right

By Nathan S. | Posted November 21, 2016
A-Trak nailed it, the days when the blogs ruled the internet are lost and gone forever.

Fool’s Gold Day Off Concert Recap ft. Action Bronson, Just Blaze & More (DJBoothTV Exclusive)

By Nathan S. | Posted September 12, 2013
This year's Fool's Gold Day Off concert was packed with dope performances, and DJBoothTV was there.