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Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Rapsody & Ab-Soul’s “2 AM”

By Andy James | 2 weeks ago
Rapsody extends her hot streak with this new heat rock.

Seeing Beyond Reality: The Psychedelic Shift In Hip-Hop

By Brent Bradley | 3 months ago
We're in the midst of a renaissance in hip-hop, and psychedelics are playing a big role in that shift.
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Ab-Soul’s “DWTW” Album Is Complete, But Don’t Jump For Joy Just Yet

By DJ Z | 3 months ago
Ab-Soul has turned in the final mixes for his new album, but he'll still have to wait his turn.
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Ab-Soul Is Frustrated With TDE Over Album Delay, But Everything Is OK

By Lucas G. | 9 months ago
Rapper Twitter rants against their label have become a regular occurrence, but Ab-Soul's latest is different...
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Ab-Soul Almost Done With New “love story” Album

By Brendan V | one year ago
Solo tweets that his album's almost done, where does he fit in the TDE calendar?
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If Ab-Soul Got Dropped From TDE, What Label Should He Sign With?

By Yoh | one year ago
Labels aren’t what they use to be. Once upon a time they were seen as a rite of passage, a stamp of authenticity, proof that you made it to...