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A$AP Ferg Breaks Down the Difference Between Mixtapes and Albums & It Makes Sense

By DJ Z | Posted August 23, 2017
"An album is so serious... [this mixtape was] an excuse to party on the song."

A$AP Ferg ‘Still Striving’ 1 Listen Album Review

By Yoh | Posted August 18, 2017
Ferg has the style and charisma to be a superstar, but 'Still Striving' features too many guests and not enough Ferg.

A$AP Ferg’s Collab Wish List Includes U2 & Seal

By DJ Z | Posted August 17, 2017
Ferg and Seal? What are they waiting for???

A$AP Ferg Had a Chance to Be ‘The Man’ & He Blew It

By DJ Z | Posted July 28, 2017
"It's unfortunate and I'd rather leave it like that."
Red Bull Sound Select presents:
Pell - Patience (Chris Lake Remix)

How Fear Helped A$AP Ferg Avoid Becoming a “Slave to the Label”

By DJ Z | Posted February 22, 2017
"Most people would be like slaves to the label, but they slaves to me."

A$AP Ferg Confirms ‘Cozy Tapes 2’: “We’re Not Playing”

By DJ Z | Posted February 7, 2017
"We want to hit people over the head with it again..."
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A$AP Ferg Says Artists Should Stop Crowd Surfing & Sadly He’s Right

By Brent Bradley | Posted December 2, 2016
It’s a sad truth, but hip-hop crowds aren’t like they used to be.

A$AP Ferg’s “New Level” Remix is an Example of a Remix Done Right

By Brent Bradley | Posted October 20, 2016
It's been nearly a year since the original, but the wait was well worth it.

A$AP Ferg Looks at Record Labels as “Music Banks,” Don’t Make The Same Mistake

By DJ Z | Posted September 19, 2016
Is the only reason to sign to a major label in 2016 the advance money?
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A$AP Ferg Dissects “Randomly Dropping Shit” Release Strategy

By Tara Mahadevan | Posted September 7, 2016
Ferg also understands that, since he's still growing as an artist, it's best to make his music available to the masses.
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