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Rapsody Just Received the Ultimate Co-Sign from Busta Rhymes

By DJ Z | Posted September 5, 2017
"The best album...from top to bottom in its entirety that I've probably [heard] in the last 10 years."
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A Brief History of Cringeworthy Special Effects In Rap Videos

By Brent Bradley | Posted April 20, 2017
These videos looked amazing when they came out. Now? Not so much.

Busta Rhymes Perfectly Captures ATCQ GRAMMYs Performance Mission

By DJ Z | Posted February 13, 2017
After ripping President Agent Orange, Busta expanded on the need for such a show-stealing performance.

JAY Z Says He Battled Busta Rhymes in High School & Won

By Sermon | Posted October 21, 2015
Notorious B.I.G. also attended the same high school, but was notably absent from battles.
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Heat Check: How Do You Feel About Busta & Eminem’s “Calm Down”?

By Lucas G. | Posted June 30, 2014
What's better than a new Busta Rhymes song? A new Busta Rhymes song that features Eminem! What's better than a new Busta Rhymes song that features...
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Busta Rhymes on His Magnum Opus, “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See”

By Nathan S. | Posted December 5, 2013
The story behind Busta Rhymes and one of hip-hop's biggest tracks.
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Busta Rhymes Unveils Star-Studded Trailer For New Music Video ‘Respect My Conglomerate’

By richard | Posted May 1, 2009
New York, NY -- Busta Rhymes has unveiled the trailer for his latest music video, "Respect My Conglomerate." Directed by Chris Robinson, the video...
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Will Castro’s Unique Autosport South Holds Star-Studded Grand Opening Event

By richard | Posted March 31, 2009
New York, NY -- Will Castro, CEO of Unique Autosports, has expanded his famous customization shop with a second location in Miami, Florida. To...
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Busta Rhymes On Tour: DJBooth.net Exclusive Coverage [Video]

By DJ Z | Posted March 8, 2009
Chicago, IL -- This past Thursday, Universal Motown hooked DJBooth.net up with tickets to see Busta Rhymes in concert at the Chicago House of Blues....