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Dave East Wants You to Quit Sneak Dissin’: “That Shit Is So Corny to Me”

By DJ Z | Posted October 30, 2017
"Starting January 1, if you gotta problem with somebody say it and quit trying to be clever."

Dave East Explains Why Drake is One of the Best Rappers

By DJ Z | Posted September 20, 2017
"A lotta people not gonna make you rewind them, but you gonna rewind Drake."
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Report Card: Rex Orange County’s Voice is Bliss, Dave East Keeps it NY, OMB Peezy’s Rawness Shines

By Yoh | Posted September 12, 2017
And a posse cut that's nothing short of seeing a family of unicorns galloping into the sunset.

Dave East on Rap in 2017: “It’s Hard to See Who’s Original Now”

By DJ Z | Posted August 22, 2017
East, of course, is right—for the most part.
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Pell - Patience (Chris Lake Remix)

Review: Dave East’s ‘Paranoia’ is a Necessary Pit Stop On the Road to His Debut

By Ryan "SamuRy" Payan | Posted August 21, 2017
It's not the debut we've been waiting for, but Dave East sounds more focused than ever.

Dave East, Westside Gunn & New York’s Exciting Rap Renaissance

By Brent Bradley | Posted April 18, 2017
After years of stagnation, the city that birthed hip-hop has a fresh crop of stars-in-the-making.

Dave East on the Intersection of Fatherhood & Hip-Hop: “I Gotta Have a Filter”

By DJ Z | Posted September 29, 2016
The East Harlem, New York native is now signed to Def Jam, but his approach to music is changing.

Dave East Stars in MajorStage’s Latest “#StreetLines” Video

By richard | Posted August 19, 2014
Subscribe to DJBoothTV New York, N.Y. -- This Wednesday, August 20, Dave East will be taking the stage at Manhattan venue Drom in a...

MajorStage Presents: Dave East Live in NYC (Powered by The DJBooth)

By richard | Posted August 1, 2014
New York, N.Y.—On Wednesday, August 20, MajorStage will be bringing Big Apple buzzmaker Dave East to rock the stage at Manhattan venue...

“0 To 100” Freestyles Are Dead…But First Listen to The Five Dopest

By Lucas G. | Posted July 9, 2014
Hey aspiring rappers, want to never get featured on DJBooth (or any other self-respecting website or blog for that matter)? Well, there are two sure...