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De La Soul Previews New Album, Sounds Like “Nothing We’ve Ever Done”

It's pretty safe to say that De La Soul has a hardcore, dedicated fanbase. So dedicated, in fact, that listeners from across the world put their... Read More
Posted 3 months ago by Jake Krez

De La Soul is 26 Years Deep & Still Rising

[Image via Kickstarter] De La Soul has always been an anomaly. When the group broke out in 1989 with the release of their classic album, 3 Feet... Read More
Posted 9 months ago by Nathan S.

De La Soul Kickstarts New Album With $250K in 48 Hours

De La Soul, the legendary New York hip-hop group who've been making dope music since the late '80s, is set to record and release... Read More
Posted 10 months ago by DJ Z