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DUCKWRTH on Touring with Rich Chigga: “We End Up Performing for 15-Year-Olds”

By DJ Z | Posted November 3, 2017
"It’s a different type of situation."
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10 West Coast Rappers Carrying California’s Underground Torch

By Cassidy Kakin | Posted August 22, 2017
You already know Kendrick, Tyler, Q, YG and Vince, allow us to introduce you to a few more names.

10 Most Slept-On Hip-Hop and R&B Tracks of 2016

By Anna Dorn | Posted November 29, 2016
In a year littered with phenomenal music, we shine a light on the 10 tracks you can't afford to overlook.

Duckwrth, The Outsider #TopProspects

By Nathan S. | Posted January 28, 2015
The popular kids never do anything interesting. Sitting at the cool table in high school is all about control, keeping an iron fist on the status quo,...
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DJBooth Announces Our New Top Prospects…

By Nathan S. | Posted December 15, 2014
Out of everything DJBooth did in 2014, I might be the most proud of launching this Top Prospects series. In our first crew alone we had Mick...