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Future’s 10 Best Music Videos, Ranked

By Miguelito | 2 weeks ago
Hendrix has supplied us with visual heat for years. These are his very best efforts.

Future Has Earned 10 RIAA Certifications In the Past 22 Days

By DJ Z | 3 weeks ago
He's actually got plaques in his book bag.
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Future Earns First Solo Top 10 Single Thanks to “Mask Off” Viral Challenge

By DJ Z | one month ago
"Mask Off" is also the ATL native's first trip inside the top 40 without a more famous sidekick.
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Red Bull Sound Select presents:
Sampa The Great - Paved With Gold feat. Estelle (prod. by Rahki)

Drake, Future & The Inverse Relationship Between Album Length & Critical Acclaim

By Hershal Pandya | one month ago
Artists are incentivized to make longer albums these days, but it's hurting their ability to leave a lasting impact.

Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Terrace Martin’s “Mask Off” Remix

By Andy James | one month ago
It’s like Atlanta, L.A. and Houston rolled into one.

From J Dilla & Nujabes to Future & Drake: Woodwinds in Hip-Hop

By Miguelito | one month ago
Tracking the flute from underground secret weapon to mainstream hip-hop's newest sensation.

Syd, Future & The Importance of Developing a Fanbase in the Digital Era

By Brent Bradley | one month ago
The game has certainly changed, but some fundamentals can’t be ignored.

L.A. Reid Believes Future’s Lack of Top 40 Hits Have Elongated His Career

By Brent Bradley | 2 months ago
There’s clearly something to be said for keeping your core fans happy.
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