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Hopsin: “I Actually Wanna Literally Die”

By Tara Mahadevan | Posted September 6, 2016
The former Funk Volume emcee's latest Instagram post is alarming, but it could help to further dialogue around mental health in rap.

The Business Lesson All Artists Can Learn From Hopsin’s “Ill Mind of Hopsin 8”

By Nathan S. | Posted March 8, 2016
Whether you're a Funk Volume fan or not, every indie artist can learn something from Hopsin's troubles that could save them major money.

Funk Volume Challenges Any Rap Label to a $500k Battle - Who You Got?

By Brendan V | Posted August 20, 2015
Hopsin, Jarren Benton and Dizzy Wright say they can take on any three emcees, and they're putting $500K on it.
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Hopsin Wants “Pound Syndrome” Album to Shock the Rap World

By Nathan S. | Posted July 16, 2015
The Funk Volume emcee wants to earn the mainstream's respect, but only on his own terms.

Getting Inside “The Ill Mind Of Hopsin 6”: Should We Care?

By Nathan S. | Posted July 19, 2013
(Pic via Hopsin's Instagram.)   Whoever coined the phrase don’t judge a book by it’s cover clearly wasn’t a hip-hop fan....