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Is It Better to Release Too Much or Too Little Music in 2017?

By Matt Wilhite | Posted June 15, 2017
In an era with more freedom to release music than ever before, the timing of those releases remains a delicate, high-wire act.

From Noname to Jay Electronica, the Curious Case of Hip-Hop’s Hermits

By Yoh | Posted April 10, 2017
It takes a special artist to be out of sight but not out of mind.

Jay Electronica Once Again Reminds Us That We’re Never Getting an Album

By DJ Z | Posted February 23, 2017
Surprise! The exhausting saga of waiting for 'Act II' continues.

Jay Electronica Returns With a New Verse, But Where’s the Album?

By Andy James | Posted October 14, 2016
Jay Electronica appears on Emeli Sandé’s new album. We just wish he’d release his own already.

Jay Electronica Pretends to Rap in New Toyota Car Commercial

By Yoh | Posted January 26, 2016
While we continue to wait for a new album, Toyota taps Jay Elect to fake-rap in their new commercial.

When Jay Electronica Made a Crappy Website, Posted Fake Story About Signing to Bad Boy

By Lucas G. | Posted January 7, 2016
A strange, lost website gives us a glimpse into the early stages of Jay Electronica's mysterious career.

The Internet Discovered a 15-Year-Old Jay Electronica Album & Then It Disappeared

By Nathan S. | Posted January 4, 2016
Rejoice for the internet has discovered a 15-year-old long lost Jay Electronica album.

If Jay Electronica Never Drops An Album, Will He Still Be Remembered in 10 Years?

By Lucas G. | Posted October 27, 2015
Will the mystical emcee be remembered for what he did accomplish or the promise he never fulfilled?