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Jay Rock Wants to Know if Fans Are “Ready for New Jay Rock?”

By DJ Z | one month ago
SZA's up next, but Jay Rock's third studio album might not be too far behind on TDE's release calendar.
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Isaiah Rashad is Next, But Have You Heard This Jay Rock Snippet?

By Brent Bradley | 6 months ago
We know TDE has a couple releases in the can, but we’re already hyped for Jay Rock’s follow-up.
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Jay Rock’s “90059” Album Projects to Sell 15K Copies - Ouch?

By Nathan S. | one year ago
The TDE soldier's on pace for some disappointing sales numbers, unless you have some perspective.

Jay Rock Didn’t Murder Kendrick on “Money Trees”

By Lucas G. | one year ago
Jay Rock killed Kendrick on his own shit? No way. And that’s just how I feel.
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Jay Rock’s “90059” Album Isn’t Coming Out Until You Pre-Order

By Brendan V | one year ago
Get out your wallet, "90059" won't be released until it receives a pre-determined number of pre-orders.
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Exclusive: Jay Rock “90059” Listening Session Tracklist

By Nathan S. | one year ago
We were at last night's exclusive listening session for Jay Rock's album, here's what we heard.
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Did Jay Rock Murder Kendrick on “Money Trees”? An Absurdly Detailed Investigation

By Nathan S. | 3 years ago
An article about a RefinedHype article? Fuck yes an article about a RefinedHype article.Because RefinedHype Nation is the greatest, Lucas'...