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Kanye West Changes Album Title to “T.L.O.P.” & Offers Prize If You Guess Meaning

Just a few weeks ago I declared myself done with Kanye West and here I am at 2:30 in the morning trying to guess acronyms. Yeezy season is upon us,... Read More
Posted one day ago by Lucas G.

Kanye West “SNL” Performance Coming February 13

Live from New York, it’s Yeezy season! Kanye puts asses in seats [I'll let you insert your own Kanye butt joke here] and SNL... Read More
Posted one week ago by Lucas G.

Young Thug & Kanye West Have 40 Songs Together

There's a certain amount of the population who will read that headline and launch into some sort of tirade against Kanye and Young Thug,... Read More
Posted one week ago by Nathan S.

Kanye Deletes Tweets After Ridiculously Petty Beef With Wiz Khalifa

It all started last night when Kanye announced that his album SWISH would now be named WAVES and of course people reacted.  Mick... Read More
Posted about 2 weeks ago by Yoh

A Kanye Stan’s Crisis of Faith as “WAVES” Approaches

Music is a religion, at least for me. When an artist's sermon hits you it’s spiritual. When an artist's sermon connects with... Read More
Posted about 2 weeks ago by Lucas G.

Kanye West Changes Album Title From “SWISH” to “WAVES,” For Now

STOP THE PRESSES! KANYE HAS ONCE AGAIN CHANGED THE TITLE OF HIS ALBUM! Earlier this evening, West took to his Twitter to tell his 17.5 million... Read More
Posted 2 weeks ago by Yoh

Kanye to Stream “SWISH” in Movie Theaters on February 11

This weekend we got the official tracklist for Kanye's SWISH album, which we all assumed was dropping February 11. Psyche! Kind of. Maybe. ... Read More
Posted 2 weeks ago by Nathan S.

Kanye West’s Early “College Dropout” Track List Will Blow Your Mind

Welcome to throwback...Monday? As the rap world looks ahead to SWISH after Kanye announced its completion and tweeted a preliminary tracklist,... Read More
Posted 2 weeks ago by Lucas G.