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King Mez on “Compton,” Writing for Dr. Dre & the Impossible Dream (Interview)

[Photo by Christopher Parsons] "When you set out to do something so impossible, and then actually you do it, it changes your perspective on... Read More
Posted 6 months ago by Nathan S.

Real Recognize Real: King Mez on Biggie’s Influence, Azizi Gibson & More

Sometimes it can feel like artists move through the world in their own bubble, orbiting around each other but never touching, especially in hip-hop... Read More
Posted one year ago by Nathan S.

The DJBooth & Tuff Tunezz Present: The Grassroots Effect

Providence, R.I. -- On Thursday, July 19, Tuff Tunezz and The DJBooth will come together to present The Grassroots Effect, a showcase featuring... Read More
Posted 3 years ago by richard

SXSW Long Days and Longer Nights

Oddly enough, as the days have progressed during my stay in Austin my nights (sleeping-wise) have been reduced. Not too odd after all right? Anyways,... Read More
Posted 4 years ago by Ivan Ibarra

King Mez Jumps “In the Mix” [DJBooth Interview Exclusive]

In a world twisted by disagreements, two-sided arguments and split decisions, is there anything that’s not up for debate? Yes - the South has turned... Read More
Posted 5 years ago by Matty K

King Mez Spits “919” for Freestyle Series

New York, N.Y. -- King Mez, the North Carolina native who earned reader acclaim for mixtape cuts "Winter" and "So Long," has stepped into the Booth to... Read More
Posted about 6 years ago by richard