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DJBooth & RefinedHype Present the Weekly Rap Up - Vol. 1

By Nathan S. | Posted January 22, 2010
Every week's partner site takes everything that's new in urban music and culture and refines it for a discriminating...
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Duck Down Studio Session: KRS-ONE & Buckshot x K’NAAN [Video]

By richard | Posted September 1, 2009
New York, NY -- This newly-released video shows Somali-Canadian emcee and Booth favorite K'naan collaborating with KRS-One & Buckshot on "Think of All...
KRS-One & Buckshot,

KRS-One & Buckshot “Road to Survival” Producer Contest

By DJ Z | Posted July 20, 2009
Producers, DJs, Remixers! Duck Down Records, Mick Boogie, and want to hear YOUR 2009 renditions of KRS-One and Buckshot's classic...

KRS-ONE & Buckshot Premiere “Robot” Video

By richard | Posted July 9, 2009
New York, NY -- Back in late April, hip-hop vets KRS-One and Buckshot
KRS-One & Buckshot,

Buckshot & KRS-One Drop Some Inside Info on “Survival Skills,” Set to Drop August 25th [Video]

By richard | Posted April 27, 2009
New York, NY -- In a new video, KRS-One & Buckshot detail how their collaborative album, Survival Skills, came to be, as well as revealing the...
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