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Tell Me When to Go: The Hyphy Movement’s Legacy 10 Years Later

By Nathan S. | Posted March 15, 2016
An insider look at the movement that brought the Bay Area its historic moment in the national spotlight. Go dumb...

“It Can Really F*ck You Up Mentally”: How Our Favorite Rappers Handle Online Criticism

By Nathan S. | Posted February 18, 2016
We talked to Freddie Gibbs, Alex Wiley and Locksmith about making music in the age of the comment thread.

Locksmith’s “Horizons” Freestyle is a Rap Clinic (“Bless the Booth” Exclusive)

By Brendan V | Posted September 17, 2015
The West Coast master lyricist lights up #AudiomackStudios for the second entry in our series.

This Week in Hype: Chance’s Anniversary, the Hardest Podcast With Locksmith & More

By Nathan S. | Posted May 2, 2014
I'm really not sure why, but I keep putting out these "This Week in Hype" podcasts, and y'all keep asking for me. You're probably...