Macklemore x Ryan Lewis

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis
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Macklemore Says “White Privilege II” Reason for Low Sales of “This Unruly Mess”

By Nathan S. | Posted April 15, 2016
Macklemore's sales plummeted between "The Heist" and "This Unruly Mess" - is a nine-minute song about white privilege to blame?

Forget Macklemore, Let’s Talk About Ryan Lewis’ Production Genius

By Lucas G. | Posted March 2, 2016
We take a scientific look at Ryan Lewis, Macklemore's incredibly talented producer.
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Macklemore Announces New Album “This Unruly Mess I Made” & Release Date

By Yoh | Posted January 15, 2016
Macklemore's returning with a new album in February. Will you be listening?

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” Goes Diamond, Is That a Good Thing?

By Jake Krez | Posted November 19, 2015
The pair earned the distinction for selling 10 million units of "Thrift Shop."

We Called the High School That Banned Macklemore Over “Misogny & Drug Use” Concerns

By Sermon | Posted October 13, 2015
We called the high school that was so concerned about Macklemore it turned down a $10K grant for its music program.