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“The Industry Wants to Put You in a Box, Don’t Let Them”: An Interview with ¡MAYDAY!

By Cassidy Kakin | Posted September 6, 2017
Bernz and Wrekonize discuss their new album, 'Search Party,' staying consistent while mixing up their sound and embracing the mainstream.

Bernz “See You on the Other Side” Cheat Code Album Review

By Nathan S. | Posted July 7, 2016
The ¡MAYDAY! and Strange Music emcee strikes out on his own for a new album fans should eat up.

Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear This Bernz & Jarren Benton “Outta My Brain”

By Lucas G. | Posted May 27, 2016
Strange Music's Bernz just came through with the rap anthem to set your summer off right. You need to hear this.

I Talked to ¡MAYDAY! About Tour Life, Their New Album & Bathrooms

By Lucas G. | Posted September 16, 2015
A very intimate evening with the Strange Music band on the eve of their Future Vintage album.

This Week in Hype: Wrekonize on His First Album, Mayday & Strange Music

By Nathan S. | Posted March 6, 2015
What could possibly be better than a "This Week in Hype" podcast? I mean, millions of dollars, sure, sex, yes. Maybe even a decent back rub...a...

Real Recognize Real: Wrekonize on Pink Floyd, the Rise of TDE & More

By Nathan S. | Posted July 22, 2014
Sometimes it can feel like artists move through the world in their own bubble, orbiting around each other but never touching, especially in hip-hop...

Album Reviews In Bad Places: “¡MURSDAY!” At The Emergency Room

By Lucas G. | Posted June 11, 2014
I hate needles, blood makes me want to puke, and I can barely handle "Game Of Thrones"' violence, let alone, you know, real life injuries. So,...

¡Mayday! Parties Hard on “They Told Me” for DJBoothTV

By Nathan S. | Posted March 2, 2011
The men of ¡Mayday! know how to have a good time, and on the video for They Told Me they show viewers the festivities that surround their nights in...