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Killer Mike, Lil Uzi Vert & The Difference Between Loving & Hating Rap

By DJ Z | 4 days ago
"I love my job so, for me, I never ever in my life have to return to anything criminal."
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Killer Mike Estimates the Incredible Amount of Weed Smoked During ‘RTJ3’ Sessions

By Brent Bradley | 3 weeks ago
In the words of Killer Mike himself: do dope, fuck hope.
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Imagining a Killer Mike & Logic Collaborative Album

By Brent Bradley | one month ago
Please hip-hop Gods, let an album happen.
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Killer Mike Says RTJ’s “Talk to Me” is the “Soundtrack to WW3 & the Apocalypse”

By Brent Bradley | about 4 months ago
One of the most exciting musical duos in recent memory is looking for a 3-peat with their upcoming album.

Big Boi Announces Collabo EP with Killer Mike, Let’s Get Excited

By Brent Bradley | about 6 months ago
The two have collaborated multiple times, but never on a full project. This is huge.
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Killer Mike is the KRS-One For Hip-Hop’s New Generation

By Brent Bradley | 6 months ago
Hip-hop as a culture is in desperate need of leadership, and Killer Mike is taking on the role of "The Teacha."
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Run the Jewels Want to Drop “RTJ3” This Year, Get F*cking Hyped

By Nathan S. | 8 months ago
Killer Mike says the best duo in rap are working on what will (hopefully) be one of the best rap albums of 2016.

“Why Pretend Like You’re Gonna Sell a Million?”: Killer Mike on the Money Behind Free Music

By Nathan S. | 9 months ago
In 2016, even superstars like Beyoncé and Drake know that the real money is in releasing free music.

My Next President Won’t Be Black, a Life in Hip-Hop & Politics

By Yoh | 11 months ago
Obama is the only president I've really known as an adult, choosing who gets my vote next will mean turning to hip-hop.