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Holy Sh*t You Need to See Mistah F.A.B.‘s 7-Minute #BlessTheBooth Freestyle

By Brendan V | Posted June 7, 2016
The Bay Area legend came through our studios and laid down an epic 7 minute freestyle that will have your ears leaking out your head.

Mistah FAB’s New Album, Da BayDestrian, In Stores Today

By DJ Z | Posted May 15, 2007
Los Angeles, CA -- Mistah FAB’s new album, Da BayDestrian, is in stores TODAY!!! Da BayDestrian is an independent album released by Thizz...
Mistah F.A.B,

Mistah F.A.B. Readies His Highly Anticipated Release, DA BAYDESTRIAN

By DJ Z | Posted April 18, 2007
San Francisco, CA -- Although Mistah F.A.B. has endured much scrutiny in the national press over the past few months for his single, "Ghost Ride It",...
Mistah F.A.B,