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“Rick Grimes is Dead,” According to Murs’ Latest Video

By Brent Bradley | 7 months ago
The veteran emcee capitalizes off of the most popular TV show in the country with a zombie-filled quickstrike release.

Murs Plans to Break Longest Freestyle Record With 24 Hours of Rhymes

By William E. Ketchum III | 10 months ago
We couldn't even sleep for 24 hours straight, but Murs is preparing for the rap challenge of a lifetime.
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“Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition” Taught Me to Love Hip-Hop & Myself

By Lucas G. | one year ago
Twelve years ago, Murs and 9th dropped an album that changed my life forever and that's not just empty talk. It really did.
Red Bull Sound Select presents:
Sampa The Great - Paved With Gold feat. Estelle (prod. by Rahki)

Cheat Code Review: Murs & 9th Wonder’s “Brighter Daze” Album

By Lucas G. | one year ago
Don't let Murs and 9th Wonder's latest album pass you by, it's just too good.

“I’m Fucking Scared”: 4 Hours Inside Murs’ Very Nice Life

By Nathan S. | 2 years ago
We hung out with MURS and talked about "Have a Nice Life," the ravages of PTSD and the names rappers use when ordering coffee.

Album Reviews In Bad Places: “¡MURSDAY!” At The Emergency Room

By Lucas G. | about 3 years ago
I hate needles, blood makes me want to puke, and I can barely handle "Game Of Thrones"' violence, let alone, you know, real life injuries. So,...

MURS & LACMA Concert Series Continues With Freestyle Fellowship & Breakestra

By Nathan S. | 4 years ago
The Freestyle Fellowship & Breakestra join Murs for a night of live hip-hop in L.A.
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MURS & LACMA Concert Series Continues With Medusa & Dumbfounded

By Nathan S. | 4 years ago
Medusa & Dumbfounded join Murs for a night of live hip-hop in L.A.

Murs & LACMA Present First-Ever Hip Hop Concert Series, Plus 3MG Reunion

By Nathan S. | 5 years ago
Legendary emcee Murs has joined forces with L.A. museum LACMA for their new Through the Mic concert series
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