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Major Lazer Just Released the Perfect Summer Song in the Dead of Winter

By Brendan V | 4 weeks ago
"Run Up" is the first "Song of the Summer" contender of 2017, even though it's only January.
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Top 10 Nastiest Women in Hip-Hop Right Now

By Anna Dorn | 3 months ago
In times like these, we must embrace the badass female artists making hip-hop nasty.

5 Best Vocal Inflections in Hip-Hop Right Now

By Brent Bradley | 3 months ago
These five emcees are using their vocal inflections to stand out among the masses, to incredibly dope results.
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Anderson .Paak, Kanye West & Artists Taking Video Inspiration from Paintings

By Yoh | 3 months ago
Hip-Hop is paying homage to other forms of art through music videos.

Why Nicki Minaj Modeled Her Career After Jay Z

By Tara Mahadevan | 4 months ago
If you're seeking a long, illustrious career and the keys to building an empire, Hov is the standard.
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Nicki Minaj Re-Establishes Her Brand on “The PinkPrint Freestyle”

By Tara Mahadevan | 5 months ago
A versatile Minaj continually maneuvers between different styles, characters, and accents with ease.
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Nicki Minaj Follows Me on Twitter, It’s Really Weird

By Lucas G. | one year ago
I was just an underground rap blogger until Nicki Minaj followed me and thrust me into the strange world of Barbie super fans.

Take 2 Album Review: Nicki Minaj’s “The Pinkprint” (Infinity Shrugs)

By Nathan S. | one year ago
Six months later we revisit Nicki Minaj's album and still just don't particularly care.