Odd Future (OFWGKTA)

Odd Future (OFWGKTA)
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What if Jay Z Had Actually Signed Odd Future Back in 2011?

By Yoh | about 10 months ago
Before J. Cole had even put out an album, Jay was trying to convince the Odd Future rebels to join Roc Nation.

How Odd Future’s Break Up is Birthing Solo Success

By Yoh | 11 months ago
Tyler was the sun the rest of Odd Future circles, but in breaking out of his orbit the group is finding their individual places in music.

Odd Future is “No More,” According to Tyler, The Creator [Story Updated]

By Brendan V | one year ago
In a cryptic tweet Tyler, The Creator informs fans that Odd Future is "No More."
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Odd Present: OFWGKTA is All Grown Up & Rewriting Music’s Rules

By Yoh | 2 years ago
I turned the television to Jimmy Fallon, influenced by a Twitter timeline full of excitement for this group that was about to hit the stage. How...
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Odd Future Invades D.C. (Exclusive Concert Pics)

By Angela Luvara | 5 years ago
Odd Future's live show recently destroyed D.C. and DJBooth was on hand to capture all the madness.
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