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Oddisee Gives “Make A Living Off Music” a Completely New Meaning

By DJ Z | Posted March 7, 2017
There's a big difference between living and surviving.

How Oddisee’s “Controversial” Music Got Him Uninvited From Obama’s Farewell Party

By Brent Bradley | Posted March 1, 2017
A man from D.C. speaking up against hate and injustice? Seems pretty American to me.

Oddisee ‘The Iceberg’ Cheat Code Album Review

By CineMasai | Posted February 23, 2017
The DMV representative is once again able to deftly weave life's lessons and his personal scars into his music.

Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Oddisee’s Bouncy New “Things” Single

By Brent Bradley | Posted December 15, 2016
If there's more where this came from on 'The Iceberg,' consider us hyped.
Red Bull Sound Select presents:
Pell - Patience (Chris Lake Remix)

We Gon’ Be Alright: Your Post-Election Survival Playlist

By Brent Bradley | Posted November 9, 2016
We’ve compiled five essential songs to inspire hope, empowerment and unity during these strange times.

Oddisee’s Best Beats

By Lucas G. | Posted May 17, 2016
With a new instrumental album out now, we break down some of Oddisee's best beats.

“I’m Mainly Driven by Fear”: A Deeply Personal Interview With Oddisee

By Lucas G. | Posted May 12, 2015
This here writing about rap on the internet gig is a crap shoot. There's no exact science. Pieces you expect to blow up often never do, and the...

I’m Terrified of the Future, Oddisee’s Music Helps

By Lucas G. | Posted April 30, 2015
[Pic by Joey Zero] When I started writing for DJBooth, I never thought it would lead to me getting to interview 9th Wonder at A3C. When I'm...

Win Tickets to See Oddisee and Tanya Morgan Perform at NY’s Public Assembly [Exclusive Giveaway]

By richard | Posted October 16, 2012
Learn how you can win a free pair of tickets to the Booth faves' October 23, concert.

The Beats, Love & Alcohol Party: The A3C Edition

By Nathan S. | Posted September 27, 2012
Do you dig beats? Love? Alcohol? Then you're in luck.