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How Rhymefest & Donda’s House Are Using Music to Help Chicago’s Youth

By Andy James | 5 months ago
"Music is all we got. So we might as well give it all we got."

Rhymefest is Back With a Vengeance With Incendiary “Believe” Video

By Brent Bradley | 7 months ago
The Chicago-bred emcee/activist is back to offer his unique brand of socially-conscious hip-hop.

Rhymefest Spits “Turn That Sh*t Up” for DJBooth.net Freestyle Series

By richard | about 7 years ago
New York, N.Y. -- Rhymefest, the Chi-town veteran (and DJBooth guest blogger) most recently heard on mixtape tracks "Letter" and "Crack the Code," has...

Rhymefest Guest Blog: Real DJs vs. I-Pod Shufflers

By Rhymefest | 7 years ago
(Editor's Note This is the fourth entry in an ongoing series from Rhymefest as he prepares to release his highly-anticipated new album El Che. Click...
Red Bull Sound Select presents:
Sampa The Great - Paved With Gold feat. Estelle (prod. by Rahki)

Rhymefest Guest Blog: Entitled DJs are Creating Cheap Disposable Music

By Rhymefest | 7 years ago
(Editor's Note: This is the third entry in an ongoing series from Rhymefest. Click here and here to read previous entries.)Earlier today, a...

Rhymefest Guest Blog: How to Pick a Show DJ

By Rhymefest | 7 years ago
In the earliest days of hip hop, the DJ was the star of the show. He played the hits, made people dance, and occasionally grabbed the mic saying a...

Bloggers Vs. DJs: Who’s Really Breaking Records?

By Rhymefest | 7 years ago
The other day, a friend of mine came up to me and told me about a radio DJ that he’d spoken to, that said he wasn’t going to play my “Say...

Rhymefest Jumps “In the Mix” [Exclusive Interview]

By Matty K | 7 years ago
Most artists fantasize about the day they’ll be able to deliver an acceptance speech for their achievements, smiling (or crying) in front of an...

Rhymefest Announces “Give It to Me” Contest Winner [Video]

By richard | 7 years ago
Chicago, Ill. -- Back in October, hundreds of emcees sent in their best verses to Rhymefest's "Give It to Me" contest in hopes of winning a guest spot...

Rhymefest Releases Mastered Version of “Chicago” Music Video

By richard | 8 years ago
Chicago, IL -- Spurred by the inadvertent Internet leak of a 'pre-mastered' version, underground veteran Rhymefest has premiered the official version...