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Rihanna & Drake’s “Work” is the Best Party Song of 2016 #BOTBAwards

By Brendan V | 2 months ago
Throughout the spirit-crushing landfill of a year that was 2016, "Work" helped us dance away the pain.

Meet Starrah, the Songwriter Behind Drake, Travis & Rihanna’s Biggest 2016 Hits

By Yoh | 2 months ago
The best kept secret in the music industry took over the airwaves in 2016.

Rihanna’s ‘Anti’ Album Still Producing Hit Singles Almost a Year Later

By Nathan S. | about 3 months ago
There's a lesson in patience here for all artists—in 2016 your big break can come long after the music first drops.
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Rihanna Just Co-Signed Boogie’s Outstanding “N*gga Needs” Video

By Andy James | 3 months ago
Boogie's "N*gga Needs" is one of the best videos of the year. Rihanna agrees.
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Rihanna Honors Victims of French Terror Attack With Powerful “Diamonds” Performance

By William E. Ketchum III | 7 months ago
You may not think of Rihanna as a "social" or political artist, but at least for one night she used her music to heal and unite.
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Tidal & Universal Are Bickering Over Who Leaked Rihanna’s “ANTI” Album

By Nathan S. | one year ago
Someone screwed up the release of Rihanna's album and million dollar shots are being fired between TIDAL and UMG.

Rihanna’s “Anti” Prompts 1 Million New Tidal Subscribers, Tidal’s Still in Trouble

By Nathan S. | one year ago
Rihanna gives the embattled streaming company a much needed boost, but is it too little too late?

Rihanna Now Best Selling Artist of the Digital Age

By Brendan V | one year ago
It's official, Rihanna has moved 100 million singles, more than any other artist in the digital era.

Rihanna’s “American Oxygen” Single Only Available on Tidal

By Nathan S. | one year ago
Have you heard Rihanna's new single, "American Oxygen"? Unless you're a subscriber to Tidal, the new streaming service Jay Z revealed in...
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