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Russ’ “New” Single & The Art of Working a Record

By DJ Z | 2 weeks ago
Sometimes the new big thing is not necessarily new at all.
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Russ’ “Psycho (Pt. 2)” Has Hit Single Written All Over It

By DJ Z | 3 months ago
In the midst of an incredible run of musical output, Russ just released one of his best records to date.

Russ, The Wild Card #TopProspects

By Nathan S. | 2 years ago
When we announced our new Top Prospects, I stressed that the series wasn't about predicting who will blow up next. If we were trying to do...

DJBooth Announces Our New Top Prospects….

By Nathan S. | 2 years ago
Here at DJBooth we do more than just pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve, we consider finding new artists and giving them a platform an...