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Shaun Boothe Spits “One Yes” for Freestyle Series

By richard | 6 years ago
New York, N.Y. -- Shaun Boothe, the Toronto native responsible for YouTube's popular Unauthorized Biography video series, has stepped into the Booth...

Shaun Boothe Raps the Unauthorized Biography of Jimi Hendrix [Video]

By richard | 7 years ago
Toronto, ON -- Back in January, Shaun Boothe brought us a special fourth installment of his Unauthorized Biography Series, in which he gave his rapped...

Shaun Boothe Raps the Unauthorized Biographies of MLK, Jr. and Barack Obama

By richard | 8 years ago
Toronto, ON -- Thus far in the Unauthorized Biography series, Toronto emcee Shaun Boothe has rapped the lives of cultural icons James Brown, Muhammad...