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Stat Quo Continues To Drop New Music, Unleashes “The Invisible Man” Mixtape [Download]

By richard | Posted April 9, 2009
Atlanta, GA -- Stat Quo is back in the Booth with the latest in his series of post-Shady/Aftermath street releases. Including previously-featured cut...
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Another Month Another Mixtape for Stat Quo, ATL Emcee Drops “Checks & Balances” [Free Download]

By richard | Posted February 6, 2009
Atlanta, GA -- Though his last street release, Quo City, hit the net only a month ago, Stat Quo is already back in the Booth with a brand new mixtape...
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Stat Quo Provides The Industry With “The Bailout” [Free Download]

By richard | Posted December 1, 2008
Atlanta, GA -- Though the hip hop industry may not be suffering from our current economic crisis to the extent that, say, Detroit automakers are,...
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Stat Quo Discusses Leaving Shady/Aftermath [Video]

By richard | Posted November 24, 2008
Atlanta, GA -- In a newly-released video blog, Stat Quo shows us just how happy he is to be free from Shady/Aftermath. No longer shackled to the...
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“The South Got Somethin’ To Say” On Brand New Stat Quo Mixtape

By richard | Posted October 23, 2008
Atlanta, GA-- On his new mixtape, ATLien emcee Stat Quo wants hip hop fans to listen, because The South Got Somethin' To Say. Containing...
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