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The Canz Offer Five-Track Preview of “Slow Rise II” for Download in the Booth

By richard | Posted August 16, 2011
The Atlanta-based duo bring listeners a five-track preview of their forthcoming street album.
The Canz,

The Canz Jump “In the Mix” [Exclusive Interview]

By Matty K | Posted April 8, 2010
There’s one thing that the Wayans, Wahlbergs, and maybe even the Baldwin brothers have in common – yes, they’re siblings, but more importantly,...

The Canz Spit “It’s the Canz” for Freestyle Series

By richard | Posted December 3, 2009
New York, N.Y. -- The Canz, the Ghana-bred, Georgia-based duo who recently brought us "Fly Away," have stepped into the Booth with entry #119 in our...
The Canz,