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The Weeknd Turned 5.5 Billion Streams Into a $75M Touring Advance

By DJ Z | Posted June 12, 2017
Drake might be the highest-earning artist in music, but The Weeknd isn't far behind.

Drake, The Weeknd & Future: Who Forms the Best Duo?

By Yoh | Posted February 27, 2017
OVOXO and FBG x OVO are what we've heard the most, but it's FBG x XO that we need the most.

The Weeknd Releases Star-Studded Yet Generic “Reminder” Video

By DJ Z | Posted February 16, 2017
On the plus side, it's an OVOXO reunion on-screen.

NAV Releases The Weeknd-Assisted “Some Way,” Which is Dominated by The Weeknd

By DJ Z | Posted February 15, 2017
The release marks the Toronto native's first official single released as an XO-signed artist.
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The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’ Album Pushes Past 1 Million Global Sales

By DJ Z | Posted January 25, 2017
The Weeknd might soon be adding another plaque to his walls.

Movies Behind The Madness: The Role of Horror Films In The Weeknd’s Artistry

By Yoh | Posted January 13, 2017
Michael Jackson may have given him his voice, but horror cinema gave The Weeknd his pen.

Meet Starrah, the Songwriter Behind Drake, Travis & Rihanna’s Biggest 2016 Hits

By Yoh | Posted December 7, 2016
The best kept secret in the music industry took over the airwaves in 2016.

The Weeknd Has “Lost So Much Music” & Why It’s Concerning

By DJ Z | Posted December 5, 2016
There’s a reason we might be missing out on a lot more hits from Abel.

The Weeknd ‘Starboy’ 1 Listen Album Review

By Yoh | Posted November 28, 2016
If 'Beauty Behind The Madness' was his pop arrival, 'Starboy' is his declaration that he is here to stay, whether you like it or not.

Finding the Worst Lyric Off The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’ Album

By Nathan S. | Posted November 28, 2016
Another Weeknd album means another chance to find terrible lyrics everyone overlooks because he sings them so sweetly.