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Beat Break: Sevn Thomas Shares the Story Behind His 5 Biggest Songs

By Andy James | Posted July 26, 2017
The producer with the bounce opens up about producing for Drake, Rihanna, Travis Scott and more.

Travis Scott Tells VIP Concertgoers on Phones to “Take Your Ass Home”

By DJ Z | Posted July 19, 2017
"You don’t get no VIP motherf*ckin’ show texting on your phone..."

Travis Scott on Drugs Enhancing His Creativity: “I Am a Drug, Sober”

By DJ Z | Posted July 3, 2017
"I think that's weak people need all that weird shit just to, like, tap into their fucking brain."
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Travis Scott’s “Drugs You Should Try It” Was Originally Meant for Big Sean

By DJ Z | Posted June 27, 2017
"I’m thinking, ‘Okay cool, it’s going to be a Big Sean record.’"

Noname, Travis Scott & the Importance of Unique Live Performances

By Miguelito | Posted June 13, 2017
Artists: Keeping your live show a fresh, one-of-a-kind experience every time you hit the stage is invaluable.
Tags: Noname, Opinion

Quavo & Travis Scott “Almost Done” Recording Collab Album

By DJ Z | Posted June 11, 2017
If this union sounds anything like their past work together, fans will be in for a real treat.
Tags: Quavo, Brief

From T-Pain to Travis Scott: The Rap Auto-Tune Spectrum

By Miguelito | Posted June 5, 2017
You don’t need extensive research in sound engineering to understand how rap’s biggest stars are utilizing Auto-Tune.
Tags: T-Pain, Opinion