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The New Story of O.J.: How JAY-Z, Tyler & Frank Created New Black Legends

By Ben Taylor | Posted September 25, 2017
It’s past time for Black artists to take a ride in a car that isn’t tailed by police or foreboding a bad ending.
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20 Best Hip-Hop and R&B Albums of 2017 (So Far), Ranked (Pt. 2)

By Brendan V | Posted September 19, 2017
We look forward to you voicing your complaints. Again.

Tyler, The Creator Has No Plans to Tour In 2017

By DJ Z | Posted August 17, 2017
"I might do like a week and a half of random cities but I’m actually not going to go on tour this year."

Tyler, The Creator Is Lonely as Fuck

By Andy James | Posted August 10, 2017
Back then it was, “Kill people, burn shit, fuck school”; now, it feels like, “Fuck this, I miss people, take me back to school.”

“These Black Kids Can Be Who They Are”: On Tyler, The Creator & the Stigma of Blackness

By CineMasai | Posted August 4, 2017
Why it's so important that artists like Tyler are telling these Black kids they can be who they are.

Tyler, The Creator Explains Why All His ‘Flower Boy’ Verses Are Short

By DJ Z | Posted July 25, 2017
"Everything I said, I made sure it was really, ridiculously important."

Tyler, The Creator Wanted Kanye West & Nicki Minaj on “I Ain’t Got Time!”, Both Declined

By DJ Z | Posted July 19, 2017
"I'm like, 'How the fuck you hear this beat and can't think of shit?'"

Tyler, The Creator Wrote My Coming Out Story

By Donna-Claire Chesman | Posted July 18, 2017
How many times do you have to come out until your family takes you seriously? For me, it was eight.