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That Time Tyler the Creator Got Thrown Offstage at a Gucci Mane Show

Most work days begin with a phone call from Nathan, a quick session on today’s attempt to dominate the internet. When I picked up his call this... Read More
Posted 2 months ago by Yoh

Hodgy Beats Calls Out Tyler, Is This The End of Odd Future?

Tyler, The Creator hosted the fourth edition of his annual Camp Flog Gnaw Festival this past weekend, which fans hoped would serve as an Odd Future... Read More
Posted about 3 months ago by Jake Krez

Directors In Arms: The Unlikely Union of A$AP Rocky & Tyler The Creator

[Image via Instagram] February 10, 2011. Tyler The Creator releases the self-directed music video for his single “Yonkers.” The visual... Read More
Posted 5 months ago by Yoh

Tyler, The Creator Says He’s Banned From U.K. Because of Song Lyrics

[Art via ceciltdk] Tyler can't catch a break these days. Earlier this week, The Creator was forced to call off a round of tour stops in the UK... Read More
Posted 5 months ago by Brendan V

Tyler, The Creator’s “Cherry Bomb” is Still Chaos (Take 2 Album Review)

Tyler The Creator isn’t your traditional rapper. In fact, his mission in life seems to be pouring lighter fluid over tradition and then lighting... Read More
Posted about 6 months ago by Yoh

A$AP Rocky & Tyler, The Creator Are Co-Headlining a Fall Tour

Get ready, rap fans. A$AP Rocky and Tyler, The Creator have just announced that they will be co-headlining an upcoming tour together. Appropriately... Read More
Posted 6 months ago by Brendan V

Odd Future is “No More,” According to Tyler, The Creator [Story Updated]

It was all good just a week five years ago... Last night, Tyler, The Creator took to Twitter to essentially confirm what everyone's... Read More
Posted 8 months ago by Brendan V

Odd Present: OFWGKTA is All Grown Up & Rewriting Music’s Rules

I turned the television to Jimmy Fallon, influenced by a Twitter timeline full of excitement for this group that was about to hit the stage. How... Read More
Posted one year ago by Yoh