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Cheat Code Album Review: Wiz Khalifa’s “Khalifa”

Chuck Taylors and camo shorts, full sleeves and loud packs, a common college kid combination that I relate back to when Wiz Khalifa was on the... Read More
Posted one week ago by Yoh

Kanye Deletes Tweets After Ridiculously Petty Beef With Wiz Khalifa

It all started last night when Kanye announced that his album SWISH would now be named WAVES and of course people reacted.  Mick... Read More
Posted 2 weeks ago by Yoh

Wiz Khalifa “Very Busy” Wrapping Up New Album, Taylor Gang Compilation for 2016

Despite not releasing a full-length album in 2015, Wiz Khalifa has ended the calendar year strong. In October the Pittsburgh native became the... Read More
Posted one month ago by DJ Z

Holy Sh*t, I Actually Like Wiz Khalifa’s “Cabin Fever 3” (Cheat Code Album Review)

It was 2:30 AM. My stomach was full of Bud Light, my wallet was empty and I smelled like stripper sweat. It was time to go home.   Magic City is... Read More
Posted about 2 months ago by Lucas G.

Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” First Hip-Hop Video With One Billion Views

Rappers have racked up platinum album after platinum album, but the One Billion Video Views Club has been an exclusive institution... Read More
Posted 4 months ago by Sermon

Kush, OJ & Graveyard Shifts: My Life With Wiz Khalifa

I was working at a gas station, my shift was of the graveyard variety and every night was unlike the last. Located right between the Hooters... Read More
Posted 10 months ago by Yoh

After Wiz Khalifa’s “Blacc Hollywood”, What Does a Number One Album Mean?

Last week's numbers are in, and Wiz Khalifa's new pretty boring album, Blacc Hollywood, landed at number one with 90,000 albums sold... Read More
Posted one year ago by Nathan S.

The Best & (Mostly) Worst Lines From Wiz Khalifa’s “28 Grams” Mixtape

Yup. We did it, we shut down RefinedHype and brought it over to DJBooth. The name might change, but as we've been saying the content wont. Case in... Read More
Posted one year ago by Lucas G.

5 Wiz Khalifa Songs Even The Haterz Have to Love

Today, on the 10th anniversary of "College Dropout", Wiz Khalifa, dropped a song that is sure to make "All Falls Down" sound like "Call Me Maybe".... Read More
Posted 2 years ago by Lucas G.

Wiz Khalifa & French Montana Rock the 2012 Heineken Red Star Access Tour

What I enjoy most about being a writer is experiencing an artist's live show, because it allows you to get an idea of who the artist is as a person as... Read More
Posted 3 years ago by Ru Porter