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Faith Evans is Developing a Biggie Hologram to Perform With Her

Part of me is incredibly excited for a holographic Christopher Wallace, part of me is horrified. Read More
Posted one month ago by Nathan S.

Classic Hate: The Internet Hates on Biggie’s “Juicy”

We decided to highlight some of the most hate-filled comments on Biggie's classic "Juicy" single. Read More
Posted one month ago by Nathan S.

Drake Takes His Place Beside Biggie in Billboard Chart History

This is the only time you're going to read the names Drake and Notorious B.I.G. in the same sentence. Read More
Posted 2 months ago by Yoh

A King Before The Crown: The Lost Photos of Biggie Smalls

We spoke with David McIntyre, the photographer who found his once-lost, pre-Ready to Die photos of Biggie. Read More
Posted 9 months ago by Yoh

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